Thursday, July 08, 2010

Eclipse Movie Review

We had such a good time going to see Eclipse. There were ten of us. Everyone who came to the movie with us got an Eclipse Goodie Bag.

Me filling the bags.

All the goodie bags, waiting to be filled.

The Loot

Each goodie bag contained: Fire or Ice New Moon Sweethearts candy, Eclipse gum, a fork, a pen, a red apple, Emmett's Cinnamon Bears Vampire's Delight Drink Mix, Monster Snaps Twilight Bingo Game CD (with both Bingo versions), bookmark, and Twilight tattoos.

Now you're wishing you'd come with us, huh?

Then we saw the movie. It was not as crowded as I expected. I'm thinking since it was just before noon on July 3rd, that all the crazies had already seen it and the silly teenage girls were still in bed. Good for us.

After the movie, we went to lunch.

April, Cassidy and Megan.
See that black ring Megan is wearing?
It matches the earrings she won from Chanté in the Chasing Twilight contest.

Here we are at Olive Garden. I love their five cheese ziti.
April went with Bella's fav—the mushroom ravioli.

And here we are again with everyone's face showing.
Left side front to back: April, Cassidy, Megan, Ryane, Suan
Right side, back to front: Tristi, Sandra, me.

Now for my movie review. (Yes, there are spoilers.)
(And some graphic images.)

If you need a New Moon refresher, you can read my review HERE.

"I'm still so in love with Edward, and now he knows he can't leave me ever again."
Bella and Edward in love.

"Oh no! Jacob thinks he's in love with me. I should let him go, but I'm too selfish and want to keep him as my best friend. (And just in case I'm ever caught in a tent during a sudden snowstorm and almost freeze to death.) But sorry, Jacob, I just don't feel that way about you."
Bella leading Jacob on.

"Oh, no! Some strange vampire has been in my bedroom. Who could it be??"
Riley—the strange vampire in Bella's room.

"I love you, Edward! I just don't want to marry you..."
Bella telling Edward no.

"Oh, no! I'm freezing! I knew I was right to keep Jacob hanging around..."
The tent in the snowstorm.

"Oh, no! Jacob kissed me! I guess I really do love him too."
Bella and Jacob kissing.

"But I still love Edward best. And yes, Edward, I'll marry you!"
Bella agreeing to marry Edward.

"Oh, no! It's Victoria!
Victoria, the evil vampire.

"Oh, Edward! You saved me from the evil vampire!"
Bella thanking Edward for saving her.

"Oh, no! It's Seth going after Riley."
Seth eating Riley.

"Oh, no! Here come the Volturi."
The evil Volturi.

"Thanks for saving me, Jacob. I love you, but not so much."
Bella dumping Jacob.

"I love you, Edward. Let's get married in a couple of weeks."
Bella and Edward in love.

The End.

The best of the Twilight movies thus far. And now the countdown to Breaking Dawn begins...


Suan said...

loved the road trip :)
i know it took alot of time to
get all the daily post etc...
done but it was sooooooo much fun for all of us. thanks !

Anonymous said...

Haha sounds like you had a lot of fun ! :D


Annette Lyon said...

Your Twilight reviews are the BEST. I have to be careful I'm not drinking anything while I read the, though.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Love the pictures!