Thursday, July 08, 2010


Okay, I know you guys think I fell off the edge of the earth. Well, close. I got bit by a vampire and you know how it takes three days to turn? And then you have to learn to control yourself?


So, now to award the last of the daily prizes. . .

Day 30 was sponsored by Kandis
The question was:
Have you seen Eclipse yet? Do you have tickets?
When & where?

The answer: Any.

And the winner of the Edward/New Moon Box with Goodies is:

Day 31 was sponsored by
The question was:
What is the best-selling Twilight-inspired fragrance on CSO?

The answer: Vampire Venom.

And the winner of your choice of fragrance is:

Day 32 was sponsored by Suan @ Life Is Good
The question was:
If I can talk Karlene into doing another contest/road trip later in the summer, where would you like to go?

The answer: Any.

And the winner of is:

I'll get those prizes off to you this weekend.

Grand Prize winner announcement coming soon!

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Dina said...

congrats!! I'm jealous. ;)