Monday, September 06, 2010

Key Lime Pie by Josi S. Kilpack

Key Lime Pie by Josi S. Kilpack

Deseret Book

320 pages, softcover
Culinary Mystery

From the publisher:
When Sadie Hoffmiller's new friend, Eric Burton, receives word that his missing daughter's body may have been found in Florida, he immediately packs his bags, but Sadie is determined to stay home and prove to everyone that she is not a busybody.

But when she senses Eric is hiding something, Sadie is compelled to take action. Before shee knows it, she's in the heart of Miami, trying to piece together a trail littered with broken relationships, mysterious strangers, and forged documents that might just provide Eric the answers he's been desperately searching for—or reveal a truth he may not be ready to face.

Sadie must also face a difficult question: Where is her heart leading her? Onward into Eric's adventurous arms? Or back home to the stable and steady Pete Cunningham? If only love was as easy as following a recipe.

Read Chapter 1 here.

This is book #4 in the Sadie Hoffmiller series—and while you don't have to read the books in order, I recommend that you do. We meet Sadie in Lemon Tart, when her neighbor is murdered. This is also when Sadie meets handsome Pete Cunningham. In English Trifle, Sadie travels to London with her daughter, only to get caught up in a mystery when one of the help is murdered. In Devil's Food Cake, another mysterious murder catches her attention and introduces her to Eric Burton. In this book, not only is she involved in a fourth mystery, but she must sort out her feelings for Pete and Eric. Not an easy task.

I loved Key Lime Pie. I rarely give 5 full stars to any book, but this one gets it. I loved everything about it. Want to know how much I loved it? I loved it so much that I decided to forgo my Sunday afternoon nap so I could finish it.

Yep. That much!

The characters are interesting, unique, quirky—especially Sadie. She is so determined not to be a busybody, and yet, that's one of the traits that makes her so endearing. I love the way her mind works—and her heart.

In addition to being a fun suspense, Key Lime Pie was also satisfying in the relationship department. At the end of Lemon Tart, I firmly wanted Sadie to end up with Pete. But by the end of Devil's Food Cake, I was really liking Eric. I was in a quandary at the beginning of KLP, not knowing for sure who I wanted her to be with. But by the end of the book, I can honestly say, I liked her choice.

The plot has a lion's share of twists and turns. Several times I thought I had it all figured out, only to have the story spin off into another layer of intrigue and mystery. KLP was a completely engrossing and totally fun mystery!

If you like culinary mysteries like Diane Mott Davidson's Goldy Schulz mysteries or Gayle Trent's Daphne Martin series, you'll love Sadie Hoffmiller.

(And for my non-LDS friends, even though this book is published by Deseret Book, there is absolutely no mention of religion whatsoever in the book.)

*Key Lime Pie was a trade, in exchange for typesetting a postcard for the author.


CL Beck, author said...

I am dying, dying, DYING to read Key Lime Pie, and do you think that in all the multitude of blog contests that I've entered that I'd win it? Nope!

Guess I'm going to have to hit the bookstore and buy it.

Thanks for the review; it just whet my appetite all the more. :)

Sandra said...

I will be doing a give away on my blog, probably starting on Thursday, for KLP. Be sure to enter because if you don't then for sure you won't win. (oh, it is an autographed copy in case that matters to you)

Suan said...

where's the weekly reader for week 6???