Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grandma Got Treated!

It's always a treat when the munchkins come over, but I especially love Halloween when they come Trick or Treating!

Here comes Shrek, dressed as Bumblebee the Transformer. He said to his mother, "Bumblebee the transformer, who is an autobot, not a decepticon. That means he's the good kind, Mom."

That's his mom, Flo the Progressive girl, beside him.

Buddha decided to go against type. He's dressed as a little devil, but he's a total angel in real life!

 This is his dad flying him toward me. I love the way my camera kind of blurred it. He looks like a creature from another dimension.

 And another blurry one—because I think it looks cool.

 Here's Grandma getting a treat from Buddha—baby drool!
(And notice my costume? Can you guess who I'm dressed as?)

Here's Shrek and Grandma. Grandma is explaining that she's a vampire slayer and showing Shrek how to properly use the stake to dust vamps.

 Buddha and Grandpa Jim
Grandpa is being a party pooper and not dressing up.

 And here is Burrito. He was mad because it was raining and therefore his parents wouldn't take him to the car wash. Apparently he loves the car wash. I'm trying to bribe him with Smiles Fruit Snacks but he flat out refused to wear his costume. 

And now I'm tickling the little monster! He loved my stake. Tried to steal it when he left but I got it back. :)

Even though he wouldn't put his costume on at my house, I did get to see him in it yesterday.
It's Thomas the Train Engine!!!
 Isn't that the cutest?!!?

And here is Shrek with his mask on. If you look really close, you can see him making his Transformer face and clenching his fists. Love it!!

 Here's another of McKenna as Flo, the Progressive Insurance Girl

and Steve as Ursula the Sea Witch—tentacles and everything.

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Online Writers Group...

There are four of us die-hards that have been continuing a BIAM since July. We're a pretty creepy bunch...

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

(Couldn't find a photo of one of us.)