Sunday, December 19, 2010

Office Work!

I wish I'd thought to take "Before" photos of my office. You'll just have to trust me that it was a mess of disorganization. Not at all conducive to creativity. Or thought. Or work.

On Thursday I started the dejunking, re-organizing my office project. I walked 2 1/2 miles moving stuff out of and then back into the office. That gives you some indication of how bad it was. (Seriously, 2 1/2 miles. I wore a pedometer.)

I still have a few piles in the living room that need to be dealt with: one laundry basket full of stuff I need to sort and decide what to do with, and two buckets of paper that needs to be shredded or filed, and a very small stack of other things that need a home somewhere else besides my office.

But after working all day Thursday and most of Friday, I'm ready for the "reveal"!

West and North Walls from Door

This is the view of the North wall from the doorway. You can see that there is space on my shelves and on the table behind my chair. That's where I do paperwork.

I have only the two laptops on the computer desk. I have two printers to the left (you can only see one) and one printer on the floor under the desk. (Why do I have three printers? One's color, one's black laser, and the one on the floor is hooked to the PC because I couldn't find the printer drivers.) (But now, due to the dejunk, I know where that CD is and can load it on and get rid of the third printer, as soon as I get rid of the virus on the PC...)

Notice the artwork by the window—Mary Englebreit. Love her!

South Wall

This is the view of the South wall. It shows the two good printers.

What you can't see because I take blurry photos is that my bookshelf is neat and organized. Top shelf holds writing-related books. Second shelf will hold "my" books (the ones I'm writing; they are still in the living room waiting to be sorted. (Although, I may move the writing books down to shelf 2 and keep my dictionaries and "my" books on shelf 1...)

Shelf 3 is paper.

Shelf 4 is my book portfolio (books I've helped create) and some notebooks that are too tall for other shelves.

Shelf 5 holds resource books, like how to do html, etc.

And notice my collage there to the right of the bookcase? That is the Vision Board for my creative side. :)

West Wall

Another view of the West wall that shows my neat and clean shelves.

East Wall

The East wall is for long-term storage. The left closet has two filing cabinets and some sorters. The right closet has software, office supplies, etc. And see that blue/aqua colored box with the clear box on top? Those are my art supplies. (I love containerizing!)

Also, since cleaning out my office stirred up my allergies and I woke up Saturday with a bad headache and sore throat, I used that day to load most of my music CDs into my iTunes program on my Mac. Been meaning to do that for a looonnggg time. I used to listen to music when I worked but haven't done it for years because I don't have a CD player in my office anymore. I've missed it. Now I have it back. I'll be transferring the tunes to my iPod sometime soon.

And this next week? What will I be doing? You never can tell...

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