Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 2: Creativity Abounds Giveaway!

Today's awesome spotlight prize comes from Sandra who blogs at The Dance. Sandra makes the most cute and clever jewelry that she sells from her etsy shop, Bangles, Beads N' Baubles. She's given me several bracelets over the years, including these four.

The black one is red on the inside—that's my Twilight bangle. Notice the pig one on the right? Yep, that was made just for me. And no, I do not usually wear them all at the same time.

And just this past Christmas, she gave me these earrings. How awesome is that!

Sandra started Bangles, Beads N' Baubles in 2009 as a creative outlet—and that's our theme for today. Creativity! Sandra's ideas and inspiration were so numerous that she could never wear everything she made. When other people began asking her to create custom pieces, she decided to open a shop and share her love of jewelry with everyone.

Sandra told me to pick my favorite item from her etsy shop to use as an image for this post—but I couldn't. There are at least a dozen bracelets and earrings that I love! So here are four to tease you. Click the image to see more—and make a note of THREE items that you really, really like.

Today's #1 Prize: Your choice of 1 piece of custom jewelry from Bangles, Beads N' Baubles or a piece made especially for you!

Prize #2: Rosehaven Package A
Rosehaven was my publishing company, once upon a time. Opened in 2000 and did really well until the end of 2006, when it closed its doors. Publishing is all about creativity—writing, typesetting, design, marketing. I loved it. (And, no, I'm not making an official announcement, but I'm working towards restructuring and relaunching sometime this year.)

This prize package includes two books that were published under the Rosehaven imprint: Sorry, The Stork Takes No Returns by Claire Bowen is a hilarious collection of short essays on being part of a family; Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers by C.S. Bezas is a wonderful book filled with insights on working with LDS teens. It sold fairly well and can still be found in some LDS bookstores. The third book is one we distributed—Journal 10+. It's a 10 year journal especially for non-writers. Featuring only five lines per day, it goes from 2007 to 2017—and yes, that's actually 11 years, ergo the "+" part of the title. And yes, four years have already passed, but it's a really cool journal and you can always go back and fill in those missing year.

Prize #3: Rosehaven Package B
Rosehaven was also the distributor for these two books. They make great resources for college-bound kids or missionaries—or people who are setting up their own homes for the first time, regardless of their age. They contain all sorts of facts, info and how-to instructions for laundry, cooking, car care, basic home repair and other things that Mom & Dad have always done for you.

Prize #4: Pen-a-Palooza Package
I love pens. They help me to be creative. I sincerely believe that somewhere there exists the One True and Living Pen. But until I find it, I have fun with all sorts of other pens. I can't hardly go into an office supply store without getting one, and my sister is always sending me pens. In fact, I have so many that sometimes they dry out before I use them up. I have pens with pigs on them, pens that light up and make noise, pens with fuzzy hair, pens for every holiday, colored pens, sparkly pens, gel pens,...okay, you get the idea. So I'm sharing some of my pens with you.

If you win the Pen-a-Palooza package, you will receive: a 12 pack of Smartz Mini Pens in a variety of fun colors, 4 Curvy pens (the ones on the top right) with cushiony grips, a totally awesome blue Polka Dot Pen, a seriously professional Dr. Grip pen, and a 10 pack of Push Pencils—because I like pencils too!

Prize #5: Scrapbooking Package
Scrapbooking has been a huge creative outlet for me since my children were babies. I made fancy decorated photo albums with stickers and illustrations and silly comments way back before scrapbooking was cool. Lately I'm moving away from paper to digital scrapping. It's a lot easier and doesn't take up as much storage space in my house.

This prize package contains: Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker's Soul (paperback), Mary Englebreit Brag Book for photos, a package of small journaling tags, a heart stamp, and two Creative Memories® Sticker packs—Sun & Fun and School Times.

Day 2 Tasks
To be entered to win one of these five prizes, as well as the Grand Prize, you must first read the rules and then:
  1. Become a follower of this blog (Inksplasher), if you aren't already.

  2. Spread the word about today's giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, other social media, e-mail or phone call. (Tell me what you did and/or send link(s) if it was online.)

  3. Go visit The Dance and become a Follower of Sandra's blog (if you aren't already) AND leave a comment on one of her posts. (Send link in e-mail.)

  4. Visit Bangles, Beads N' Baubles and pick three items that you really like, note their names. Then come back here and tell us what your three favs were in the comments of THIS POST.

  5. Send me an e-mail with your full name and mailing address, the links and/or answers to the above, and which of the five prizes you'd prefer to win. (You may not get your preference, but I'll accommodate, if possible.)
Remember, your e-mail must be received by midnight tonight. All of today's e-mails are automatically entered for the Grand Prize. Get an extra entry for the Grand Prize by putting my button in your sidebar!

Thanks for playing—and good luck!


Suan said...

my very favorite is the one on her blog but i could not find it in her etsy store....my other two are spiral and snowy night.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I really like Stone Flower, Lavender Rain, and the Snowflake earrings. But they're all adorable.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the awesometastic giveaways ! Happy Blogoversary ! :D


Anonymous said...

Like you, I am also in LOVE with pens. I swear I have a collection of them.

My three favorite items in Bangles Beads N' Baubles are the Love Bracelet, Snowy Night bracelet and the Sadie bracelet. All of her things are so pretty!