Friday, January 14, 2011

Earn a Bonus Entry!

Want to earn an extra entry
for the Awesome Grand Prize?!?

Come to Tristi's Dearly Departed Launch Party TONIGHT!

Find me

(I'll be the one with bells on!)

Introduce yourself AND
mention my blog.

I'll take down your name in my little black book (which might actually be a different color) and you'll get an extra entry for the Grand Prize—which will be awarded tomorrow!

In case you've forgotten just how awesome that Grand Prize is (and, like me, you're too lazy busy to click on the link), let me remind you:

Yep! That's what's up for grabs to one lucky contest participant.

But wait!

Karlene [you're saying] I would love to attend Tristi's Dearly Departed Launch Party TONIGHT! but I: a) live in Bora, Bora and can't get there in time; b) have no means of transportation and no friends who love me enough to drive me to the party; and/or c) am in the hospital dying of an as yet undiagnosed mystery illness.

Okay, whatever.

You can get a bonus entry too by spreading the word about Tristi's Dearly Departed Launch Party TONIGHT! Choose any or all options below:

  • Post about Tristi's Dearly Departed Launch Party TONIGHT! on your blog (Click the link and copy and paste that post verbatim OR create your own post)

  • Use Facebook, Twitter, other social media to spread the word (Either share the links about the launch from my profile or Tristi's, retweet about the launch from me or Tristi or Ida Mae, or create your own announcement about the launch. (You can use this shortened URL:

  • Send e-mails, make phone calls or launch carrier pigeons to all your friends telling them about the launch.

Then come back here and tell me in the comments what you did.


Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I hope to make it out tonight. I can't secure a babysitter so I might have to convince my kids to come with me. :)

I tweeted with your url about the launch party tonight.

Taffy said...

But wait! What if I posted on my blog AND attend the event? AND WEAR BELLS? Then what?

Dina said...

sorry missed it had to pick up the kiddies.

Nichole Giles said...

*waves* Hi! I Tweeted, Facebooked, and also, yesterday I did blog the party. So, since I came and said hi, do I get an extra entry? Do I? Do I?


It was fun to see you for a bit tonight.