Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grand Prize Winner!

This has been fun!

I really appreciate all of you dropping by my blog and playing in the 5th Blog-a-versary Lollapalooza.

And thank you for all the Facebook love and Tweets.

If you'll notice my BFF section (aka Followers) over on the sidebar, we're only 7 followers away from awarding the 100 FOLLOWERS PRIZE. As soon as we hit 100, I'll do the drawing! I can hear all of you jumping for joy over the possibility of winning that awesome prize!

I can also hear you saying, "Would you just get on with it already?! Who won the Grand Prize??"

Alright, already! Sheesh!!

The winner of the Grand Prize, which includes:

A $25 Gift Card from Amazon!

A Fragrance Warmer and Three Oils from Urban Botanic!

A Twilight Fragrance Spritzer from CustomScentsOnline!

and A Mystery Grab Bag of Assorted Books—from my own personal bookshelves

Shanda Cottam!!!

Yay!!! Shanda, send me an e-mail letting me know which color Urban Botanic warmer and which three oils you want, and which CustomScentsOnline Twilight fragrance you want! (Just click the links and pick anything that doesn't say "Sold Out".)


Dina said...

it wa a fun contest this wk, thanks for having it.

congrats to all the winners!!

Nichole Giles said...

Congratulations to Shanda! That's a way fun prize to win. Thanks for the fun contest.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Happy prize winning, Shanda!

And Karlene, I hope you had the most awesome blogaversary ever!!

Shanda said...

Wow! YAY! Thank you, Karlene!! It's been so much fun watching everyone win all the great prizes you've been giving away. I can't believe I won! :)

Thanks again & Happy 5th Blog-a-versary!!!

Shanda :)