Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How would I look with a hot pink mohawk?

What?!? Two posts in one day? Yes, well. Prize announcements don't really count as posts, do they?

I'm taking a poll—two polls, actually. I'm getting a haircut and a color before I go back to visit my parents in KY next month. My hair has to look nice when I see my mom or she thinks I'm depressed.

This is the basic cut that I'm getting:
Same one I've done for awhile—because I like it. This time I'm going a little shorter than usual, just off the shoulders, as pictured above.

This is what it looks like right now:
Yep, that's me in all my pony-tailed, grown-out-way-too-long,
2 1/2-inch-uncolored-roots glory.

(No, Mom. I'm not depressed. I'm just lazy.)

So, I need some advice.

POLL #1: Bangety-Bang Bang. Or Not.
The question is: Do I go back to shorter bangs like I used to wear? (see below)
...which I hesitate to do just because it took me so freakin' long to grow them out. And because I have to remember to schedule haircuts more often to keep them looking good.

Or do I keep the longer bangs (that currently won't tuck behind my ear but are really, really tuck-close)?
(They tuck in this photo.)

(And isn't that the cutest little boy? That's Shrek as a baby.)

Possible answers for this poll:
A. Short bangs
B. Long bangs
C. I really don't care what you do with your hair. Grow up and figure it out for yourself!

POLL #2: Does She or Doesn't She...?
I believe that it's a woman's right and privilege to change her hair color on a whim. And so I do. Frequently. What color should I do this time?

Should I go blond (which is a real pain to keep up):
We're looking at the color in this photo, not the cut or style.
Or the goofy smile.
(Doesn't DH look so cute with hair?)

Or reddish (current color, except for roots):

Or warmer brown, closer to the color I was born with (which is easy to keep up but a little on the boring side):

Possible answers for this poll:
A. Blond
B. Reddish
C. Brown
D. Black with purple tips

Leave your answers in the comments section and tell me WHY you picked what you did. Please.

If left to my own devices, I may end up with a hot pink mohawk.


Jess said...

Hum im going with D.. black with purple tips becasue that would just be cool... but really I like B i think it looks pretty on you.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to see if you would do black with purple tips or pink with purple poke-a-dots. But the reddish color is the one that looks best on you. Bangs or tuck, I think I like tuck best. I forgot, what dates will you be in Ky.? Your cousin, Donna

Suan said...

long bangs
red hair

or if you really want to surprise mom....do brown hair with hot pink highlights ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Hey child

Sorry to confuse you but I love the blond short bang . And
If I remember correctly , when you were younger your
Hair was more blond then brown. I have lots of pictures
To prove it.
Actually do what you like best and feel the happiest in even the curly perm looks good on you.
I will be happy to see you no matter what you decide.
Love mom

This is the first time I have figured how to comment.

Karlene said...

Hi, Mom! I loved the perm, but unfortunately, my hair won't hold one anymore. It falls out after 2 weeks. :(