Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick & Easy Valentine's Project!

I've talked about Grandma Day before. I tend my three grandsons (ages 3 5/6ths, 3 and 11 mos) every Wednesday. It's the highlight of my week. Most of the time we just play but sometimes I have activities and projects to do with them—especially around the various holidays.

Yesterday, Shrek and I had the following conversation.

Me: Hey, Shrek. Want to help me do a big project?

Shrek: YES! What are we going to do?

Me: Clean my bedroom.

Shrek: That's not a project. That's something you do. A project is something with paper. Like a snowman.

Good to know.

It's hard to find fun, easy and cheap projects for 3 year olds, so I thought I'd share this one.

Supplies Needed:
  • Picture frame ($ store)

  • Foam shapes with sticky backs (got these at Hobby Lobby, 50% off)

  • Photos (printed on color printer)
Let the kids peel and stick according to their own imagination and preferences.

Voilá! A perfect Valentine's Gift for them to give to Mommy and Daddy.

Shrek, Buddha, Burrito
(I made Buddha's frame)

*Top picture provided by Grandma Whitney.

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