Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Where's Waldolene?

So, I know what you're thinkin'...

"Where's Karlene??? She started a party and then she fell off the edge of the Internet!"

Well, yes, I did. Sort of.

So this is today's question (everyone can play):

What happened to Karlene?

Post your guesses in the comments.

I'll be giving two prizes—one for the funniest guess and one for the closest to the truth.

Deadline: Midnight on Thursday, March 10, 2011.

As for the 30 Day PUSH Goal Party—I hope those of you who signed up are still going for it! I am, even though I'm a few days behind.

I'll do some PUSH Goal Party posts soon!


Suan said...

i know where you are....your in KY.
am i suppose to be more specific than that? as for something funny.....i will have to think about that one and come up with something realllly funny :)

Rebecca Talley said...

You've been living in LA brushing up on your singing and perfomance skills because you'll be a guest performer on American Idol and you're going to shake your bootie and put J.Lo to shame. As long as you don't snuggle up to Steven Tyler you'll be a smashing success proving that women over 30 still have "it."

Rebecca Talley said...

Sorry, Suan, you obviously don't know where she really is. When she perfoms here's the hashtag for Twitter #karleneshakesherbooty.

Anonymous said...

Yes your in ky and your computer blew up, you were held captive by shopping sister and wii tournaments. Younatentilmyouncould not get out of bed and it snowed you in