Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Worth Every Penny!!!

I've been trying to do this de-junk, de-clutter thing for so long by myself. I make a little headway, then get bogged down.

So. I hired a professional organizer to help me.

Shera is AWESOME!!!

She came over for the initial interview last week. It was two hours of total mortification on my part, but she made it easy for me. She walked me through some sorting processes and helped me think through some issues.

Shera also gave me a few ideas to get me started—or rather, re-started. I've already implemented a few of them and they are great. I will be posting about them and providing links to cool stuff as I go.

It feels really, really good to be back to this organizing project with some energy behind me and Shera is great at stoking that energy. If you're in the Utah County area and need someone to help you with your own dejunk and organizational issues, give Shera a call.

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