Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Pig Shelf!

Shera, my lovely personal organizer, came by today and look what we did!

And when I say "we", I mean she did all the work to hang the shelf and I watched.

I also offered helpful comments like, "Hey, that's a cool electric thingee you got there. It puts those screws right into those studs like butter!" and "Wow! Stud finder? It would probably go berserk if my DH came home right now."

After hanging the shelf, I showed her all the progress I'd made the past two weeks since her last visit. She said lots of really nice encouraging things to me—and even clapped at appropriate intervals.

I like her very much.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Grab & Go Project Organizers

My working office is teensy. Some would even say, claustrophobic. I would say claustrophobic! There are days when I go in there and feel like I can't even breathe.

Maybe it's not quite as bad as this woman's office
but it's pretty tight and squinchy.

I loved my office at the Rosehaven warehouse. It was the perfect size with lots of space and bookcases and filing cabinets and a lovely assistant to straighten everything up for me and... *sigh*

The challenge of a small office is finding a place to put all the things you need to have handy when you work.

One of my challenges is having a place for my projects-in-progress materials. I used to use a rolling cart and plastic sleeves but there's no place to put the rolling cart except in the closet—and that sort of defeats the "have everything handy" rule.

Shera Hawkes, my lovely personal organizer, had a great idea: Office Project Boxes! Each project has it's own box.

I looked at several variations of this idea and the ones I settled on were the Iris 3 Case Table Chest and the Iris 3 Case SLIM Table Chest. I found them at Office Max. I had to go in to the store because they weren't shown on their website.

What I really like about these:
  • they fit nicely on the shelves over my desk

  • clear—I can see what's in them

  • plastic—I can use labels on them (I love my label maker)

  • snap tight latches (they really do snap tight; don't pop open when you drop them) (I know this for a fact; I tested)

  • grooved handle for easy carrying

  • they are like little briefcases so I can grab and go if I need to work at a client site

  • they come with a shelf sleeve so you can EASILY slide them out and back into the same spot; you don't have to stack them directly on top of each other, which means, when you take one out, the rest of them don't fall down on your head.

Here they are in use, in my office!

Project Tracking System

I am a visual learner/rememberer. I NEED visual reminders of things. So I devised a tracking system for projects in the works using a magnetic memo board my sister gave me years ago and sticky notes.

It works like a charm!


The memo board came with pre-attached stick-em to hang it on the wall. Which didn't work too well after being moved three times.

I tried various ways to hang it, including thumbtacks and dental floss. All of them failed after just a few weeks and my board would go crashing to the floor.

Then I found this:
TOTALLY AWESOME! Works perfectly.

I recommend it for every hanging project!

Office Wall Decor

I want a framed poster of this for my office.

Thanks, Annette, for posting it on Facebook.

Stuck In My Head...

Okay , I'm not saying that I loved this episode. It was okay, but no where near the awesomeness of Buffy's musical episode.

However, I thought they did a pretty good job of not making it totally hokey.

And the songs have been stuck in my head all day today.

Especially this one.