Friday, May 27, 2011

Belle won't be jealous, but...

I have a big room in my basement. (The green one here.)

Over the years, this room has been used as a junk room, play room, offices for Rosehaven, Professional Pre-Press, Urban Botanic, CustomScentsOnline, and half a dozen other businesses that I've started and closed.

This is the room that depressed me so much when I moved Rosehaven back home from the warehouse that I went to Home Depot and bought the happiest color paint I could find:

Apple Green

That color still makes me smile when I walk into the room.

Right now, though, it's crammed full of UB stuff, boxes, and miscellaneous junk.

That does not make me smile.

BUT. I'm turning it into a LIBRARY!!!


My own private, personal dream library.

Okay, it's not going to make Belle jealous...

but it certainly makes me giggle with glee every time I think about it.

Okay, so here's the plan...
To Do List:
  • Move out all the Urban Botanic shelves and product

  • SORT & PURGE all the boxes and stacks of crud all over the floor

  • Move bookcases from garage down to room

  • Move Favorite books from Shipping Room to Library

  • Move curriculum resource books from Shipping Room to Library

  • Decide what to put in the file cabinets (might move them out and add more bookcases...)

  • Decide what to do with desk (definitely keeping it, but not sure what I'll use it for.) (Personal perfume making, perhaps...)

  • Make a book inventory

And the best part of the Library plan is—it's absolutely FREE! It won't cost me a penny!!!

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Anonymous said...

Belle may not be jealous but i am....i've always wanted a library....yay for you :)