Friday, May 27, 2011

Woman Cave

I'm calling this my Woman Cave, for lack of a better label. (The pink square here.)

It's also my "Hide the Presents from the Grandbabies" room, the "Jewelry Making Kit Storage" room, the "Paper Scrapbooking" room, the "Gift Wrap" room, and the "All-Purpose Miscellaneous Creative Crap" room.

It needs some work. Right now it has a lot of left over Urban Botanic stuff in it, but that will all be gone next weekend.

Hopefully, I will make enough $$ at the UB Yard Sale to do the following:

This is the plan:
  • Paint walls white
  • Brighter ceiling light
  • Add table/floor lamps
  • Use vertical storage to create a “store” of craft supplies to shop from

A. Gift Closet
  • Build floor to ceiling shelves
  • Put Christmas gifts in tubs
  • Easy slide out storage

B. File Cabinet
  • File cabinet to hold idea books and patterns (2 drawer?)
  • Space above cabinet??

B & C. Wall
  • Create vertical storage for scrapbook paper & supplies

D. Wall
  • Create vertical storage for craft and gift wrap supplies
  • If no studs, attach furring strips to front of paneling to build out studs for vert storage; decorative
  • IKEA $2 curtain rods to create wrap paper hangers on wall above table
  • Hang scissors, etc.
  • Store bows & ribbon

E. Wall
  • 2 tier plastic shelving
  • Corkboard—Idea board; make it pretty

Estimated cost: $200?

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