Friday, May 27, 2011

Shipping Room

Yes, even though Urban Botanic will be gone as of June 4th, I will still need a shipping room.


Because I'm a publisher—and even though 99.9% of my future publications will be digital or print-on-demand, I still have a storage unit filled with hard copy books I need to sell.

[And, no, I'm not distributing for other people anymore. That was not fun for me—and I'm old enough now that I'm all about the fun because, face it, I may not have that much more time left. Relatively speaking, I mean.]

This will be the last of the three rooms I tackle (the yellow one here) because I have to move my curriculum resource books and my favorite fiction books off the built-in shelves where they now reside and get them settled into their new home in THE LIBRARY!

(Yes, I'm giggling!)

Then I have to do a major SORT & PURGE.

And like THE LIBRARY!, this room will cost me NO MONEY to do! Just lots of elbow grease and some slave labor. (*cough*Chris*cough*)

I will post some before and afters of all three of these rooms when I start the work, which will be right after June 4th's big UB Yard Sale.

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