Thursday, June 30, 2011

Plan B?

It's raining on my parade today...

You know about my ginormous house reclamation project, right?

I finally got tired of waiting around for access to DH and DS's muscles and I hired a young man and his father to come over and move heavy stuff for me today.

Part of the plan was to have them haul some heavy boxes of trash (old UB catalogs, etc.) upstairs, stack it in the driveway, then we'd' borrow a truck and haul it to the dump over the weekend. But with the rain, that won't work. The last thing I need is soggy catalogs in my driveway.

And most of the rest of the moving of heavy stuff is contingent upon moving this stuff OUT. OF. The. Way.

I also need to transfer things between shed and house, garage and house, and vice versa—which exposes everything we're moving to the elements. Some of it's plastic—no biggie. But some of it's wood.

Don't know what I'm going to do, but decided not to cancel due to weather. I'll just hope that God provides a way...

But He'll need to work fast because they get here in 45 minutes.


Sun came out.

Clouds disappeared.

Guys came.

Big stuff moved.

Stayed nice and cool.

Going back to bed.

Will dust and move little stuff another day.

Thank you, Father.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pegboard is UP!

This morning, Shera, my awesome professional organizer, came over and helped me hang the pegboards that I painted last week.

The thing with pegboard is you have to put furring strips behind it so that it sticks out from the wall a bit, leaving space for you to put little pegboard hanging gadgets into the peg holes.

The window wall was pretty easy. We (as in, Shera) hung the furring strips on both sides of the window.

Guess what? You need a stud finder and a level and DRYWALL screws! Who'd a thunk it?

(Not me. Just another reason why Shera is so awesome!)

The other wall was a little weird because the people who built this house got very—uhm—creative. Finding studs was sort of a joke here. In another room, they'd hot glued very thin furring strips to the cement wall, then hot glued the wallboard to the furring strips.


On this wall, it seemed like maybe they'd used plywood behind the wall. But whatever they did, Shera was able to make it work.

Shera getting ready to attach the pegboard to the furring strips.

And ta-da! Here is the window wall:

And the other wall:

If you want to do this, just google "how to hang pegboard" and you can find a zillion instructions.

Next up: hanging vertical storage on the pegboards and moving in the furniture.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Harry Potter Blog Party Coming in July!

Yes! It's lollapalooza time!

This time it's a Harry Potter Blog Party. And I have buttons for your sidebars!

There will be contests and prizes and lots of fun to celebrate the release of the last Harry Potter movie.

Monday, July 11th through Friday, July 15th.

Details will be coming soon, but in the meantime, help me get the word out by grabbing a button for your sidebar. Then make sure you tell me you've added a button and send me the link to your blog. The button gives you an Extra Entry for the Grand Prize!

If you're interested in being a sponsor and providing a prize, e-mail me ASAP and I'll send the details!

220 px button (for standard sidebar)

Games & Prizes
July 11-15th

125 px button (for smaller sidebar)

Games & Prizes
July 11-15th

To Install the Buttons on Blogger

If you have one sidebar, use the bigger button (220 px). If you have two sidebars, use the smaller button (125 px).

  1. Put your cursor in the box below the button and copy all of the code. The easiest way to do this is to place your cursor in the box, then press control + a. This highlights all the text in the box. The press control + c to copy it.

  2. Go to your blog's dashboard and click Design. This should take you to Add and Arrange Page Elements.

  3. Click on Add Gadget.

  4. Scroll down the list and find the one that says HTML/JavaScript. Click on it.

  5. Paste the code into the large Content box. You can type in a Title if you want. Click the orange Save button. If you get a message that says there are illegal characters, it means you didn't get all the code. Go back to Step 1 and recopy the code.

  6. The button will display at the top of your sidebar. While on the Page Elements page, you can drag the new gadget box to another position on your sidebar, if you want. Then click the orange Save button.
That should do it. Let me know if you have any problems.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Living in Abundance (or yes, I really am this nuts)

So, I have lots of colored printer paper that I've had for a long time. I don't have as much call to use it as I used to, so I haven't bought any in several years. What I have is leftovers from when Rosehaven (my publishing company) was in full swing—so this paper is at least 5 years old, maybe more.

I have a lot of the pastel colors of paper left because I don't really care much for them. They are too wimpy and boring. Although I do like the CANARY. And if I'm in the right mood, I like the PINK and the BLUE and the LAVENDAR.

The only thing I use this colored paper for these days is a daily schedule tracking page. It's sort of a time grid where I write what I do so I can bill out clients correctly. It also has some boxes to check to remind me to drink enough water, exercise, etc. Anyway, I print these on colored paper—even though colored paper is a little more expensive than white paper—because then they aren't quite so easily lost in the mess on my desk.

And, I always print on pastel colors because they're cheaper than the astrobrights.

Yesterday, I used my last printed daily tracker, so I needed to print more.

The last batch of pages that I printed was on the pastel BLUE paper.

I didn't want BLUE pages when I printed them. Nor did I want the pastel GREEN that I printed on the time before that. I wanted them on CANARY—because canary is a happy, springy, fun color. But I was out of CANARY paper—and you can't just go buy more CANARY paper when you've got stacks and stacks of other colors that are perfectly good paper. Right?

But today, when I went to print more sheets, I really, REALLY, REALLY wanted to print them on CANARY paper.

I wanted CANARY bad enough that I searched carefully through all my stacks of colored paper, hoping maybe a few sheets had gotten mixed with the other colors.


So then I decided, since I needed to run errands today, I'd just go by Office Max and get a whole ream of CANARY because—hey, God is abundant and it would make me happy.

But then I got back home from my errands, sat down to print, and realized I'd forgotten to go to Office Max. :(

So I looked at all my colored papers...

The astrobright TERRA GREEN caught my eye...

And to be perfectly honest, I really hadn't wanted to print on CANARY all these months.

I really, secretly, in my heart of hearts, wanted to print on the TERRA GREEN, but I pretended to want CANARY because everyone knows that the astrobrights are so much more expensive than the pastels*** and I had no good reason to print on the TERRA GREEN other than the fact that it was pretty.

So, I reached for the pastel BLUE.


And then—

Then, a miracle happened.

I said to myself...

"Karlene, are you kidding me??? You are going to pass up a chance to show faith in the abundant goodness of God because you're afraid to "waste" five year old astrobright paper???



So, I printed two weeks worth of pages on the TERRA GREEN (because that's all the TERRA GREEN paper I had on hand)—and I am loving it!

Yay me!!

I can't believe I almost cheated myself of a little whimsy and happiness for .0024¢ a day.

How incredibly nuts (not to mention, stingy) is that?!

***Actual price difference: pastel = .02258¢ per sheet; astrobright = .02498¢ per sheet.

Now playing on my iPod: Have a Little Faith in Me performed by Jewel

Monday, June 20, 2011

Peg-Boardage is Awesome!

Shera, my awesome professional organizer, suggested I do vertical storage in the Craft Room. So I looked at a LOT of different ways to do that and decided to go with the pegboard system because:
  1. it's in my budget

  2. it's cute

On Wednesday, Burrito (my awesome grandson & errand buddy) and I ran errands all over the place collecting supplies for the pegboard vertical storage sytem.

We found some awesomely cute wall stickers in pink, green and blue at the Dollar Store.

I fell in love with those colors and decided they absolutely MUST be the theme of my room.

Burrito fell in love with a helicopter.

Then we went to Home Depot. I got white pegboard, pre-cut in 24x48" pieces for only $6.70 each.

I got three.

I also got 1" furring strips which came in 8 ft lengths for less than $1 each. I got three and had the HD boys cut them in half for me (they do it for free), which gave me six 48" furring strips.

After that, we went to the bank, and the post office, and Target, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. When we got back home, I asked Burrito if he wanted to help me start building stuff.

He said, "No thank you, Grandma."

So this morning, I painted the pegboards:
I used the Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2x Coverage spray paint in Key Lime, Spa Blue and Berry Pink.

I love the pink and blue. The green is a bit too yellow (and not an exact match to either the stickers or the paint cap), but it's close enough that I can live with it.

Next step, hanging the pegboard on the walls...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Woman Cave — Painted

The Craft/Hobby Room is painted. The room is still pretty dark because I don't have the new light installed yet, so it's hard to see. But if you happen to make out any drips or spots or whatever, just know that...


I used the Glidden Brilliance Collection, 2 in 1 Paint + Primer in Crisp Linen White, from Wal-Mart.

Here's the window wall:

And here's the wall directly across from the window. The entire top half of this wall is corkboard. I just painted right over it.

And here's the corkboard wall with my shelves in place. This will be my Gift Cupboard, where I will store wedding gifts, baby gifts, and gifts for other miscellaneous occasions.

Having a Gift Cupboard allows me to shop sales and stock up on items when they fit my budget. And when I get an invite to a party, I can quickly grab a gift and go. No stress, no worries.

I had these shelves from the UB business so I can't tell you where to get them, but they're plastic and light weight. I think you can find them, or something similar, at most home stores (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.) They actually come with two more tiers, but I wanted a lower shelf so I can use the corkboard.

The thing I love about these shelves? They are pretty easy to take apart and set up, as evidenced by the fact that...


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Woman Cave — Step 1

I got started on my downstairs project today. Because of how I'm moving stuff around, I have to do little room first, then green room, and last, the shipping room.

The history of this little room is: junk room, bedroom, closet/dressing room, bedroom, junk room, bedroom, UB room. Who knows what it will be the next time I get a bee in my bonnet, but for now, it will be my play jewelry-making Woman Cave.

I moved out most of the UB stuff last weekend, so all I had to do today was:

1) Move out the UB trash, the shelves that belong to someone else,
tax records, and gift wrap...

(See that blue tape on the wall? Shera—my awesome professional organizer put that there. It says "Work Table" to remind me what goes there. I had to pull the tape down, but I can still remember what to put where because I drew a map.)

2) Move out my shelves, the jewelry-making supplies , scrapbook stuff,
and the odd boa or two.

It took me about an hour to empty the room and tape it off.

The faux wood paneling makes this room way too dark. I can't see in the dark, so I need to lighten it up.

Because I'm painting over paneling, there are some issues that I don't usually have to worry about when I paint a room. For example, I had to sand the gloss off the walls first so the paint would adhere better. I also had to use a primer.

I'll need to do two coats of paint and I didn't want to add that third layer and more time to the job by priming separately, so I decided to go with the Glidden Brilliance Collection, 2 in 1 Paint + Primer — which I got at Wal-Mart early this morning.

And let me tell you, the paint guy at my local Wal-Mart is NOT a morning person!

I chose the semi-gloss interior latex because the semi-gloss reflects more light than the satin, and the latex is much easier to clean.

I wanted white, because white reflects the most light, but did you know there are like a bajillion shades of white paint? I picked Crisp Linen White, because even though it's bright white, it's a little softer. Plus it has more of a warm, pinky-creamy tone, rather than a gray or blue tone. (But it's not nearly as pink as it looks on the computer screen. It really is a nice bright white.)

So here I am, ready to kick some painting bootie!
(I keep several low self-esteem outfits on hand,
specifically for home make-over projects.)

First, I sanded the walls.

I told DH that I was getting him a BLACK & DECKER MS2000 Complete Sanding Kit for Father's Day. But since I needed to use it today, he'll actually just get the empty box wrapped up real pretty.

(That's sort of rude, so maybe I'll get him a Gift Card to his favorite restaurant, like Olive Garden. I could die for their Five Cheese Ziti al Forno. And DH loves the... uhm... wait. He really doesn't love Olive Garden.)

(Oh, well. I'm sure I'll think of something.)

I like this sander because it's small and fits in my hand easily; it has several attachments for detail work; and it's ORANGE. And it worked great.

See? See the sanded walls?
See how much work I did?

Sanding took about an hour to do—including reading the sander instructions and figuring out how to work it.

And then I painted the first coat. That took about two hours.

The Glidden went on really nice and thick. I liked it. But I'll still need a second coat.

One of Glidden's selling points was that this paint was low-odor.

Guess again.

It smelled like that thick, white gluey paste from elementary school. Personally, I think I like regular paint smell better.

Here is the room with the first coat of paint:

It has to dry four hours between coats, so I'll be doing the second coat on Monday.

Then I have to figure out how to hang the new light fixture...