Saturday, June 11, 2011

Woman Cave — Step 1

I got started on my downstairs project today. Because of how I'm moving stuff around, I have to do little room first, then green room, and last, the shipping room.

The history of this little room is: junk room, bedroom, closet/dressing room, bedroom, junk room, bedroom, UB room. Who knows what it will be the next time I get a bee in my bonnet, but for now, it will be my play jewelry-making Woman Cave.

I moved out most of the UB stuff last weekend, so all I had to do today was:

1) Move out the UB trash, the shelves that belong to someone else,
tax records, and gift wrap...

(See that blue tape on the wall? Shera—my awesome professional organizer put that there. It says "Work Table" to remind me what goes there. I had to pull the tape down, but I can still remember what to put where because I drew a map.)

2) Move out my shelves, the jewelry-making supplies , scrapbook stuff,
and the odd boa or two.

It took me about an hour to empty the room and tape it off.

The faux wood paneling makes this room way too dark. I can't see in the dark, so I need to lighten it up.

Because I'm painting over paneling, there are some issues that I don't usually have to worry about when I paint a room. For example, I had to sand the gloss off the walls first so the paint would adhere better. I also had to use a primer.

I'll need to do two coats of paint and I didn't want to add that third layer and more time to the job by priming separately, so I decided to go with the Glidden Brilliance Collection, 2 in 1 Paint + Primer — which I got at Wal-Mart early this morning.

And let me tell you, the paint guy at my local Wal-Mart is NOT a morning person!

I chose the semi-gloss interior latex because the semi-gloss reflects more light than the satin, and the latex is much easier to clean.

I wanted white, because white reflects the most light, but did you know there are like a bajillion shades of white paint? I picked Crisp Linen White, because even though it's bright white, it's a little softer. Plus it has more of a warm, pinky-creamy tone, rather than a gray or blue tone. (But it's not nearly as pink as it looks on the computer screen. It really is a nice bright white.)

So here I am, ready to kick some painting bootie!
(I keep several low self-esteem outfits on hand,
specifically for home make-over projects.)

First, I sanded the walls.

I told DH that I was getting him a BLACK & DECKER MS2000 Complete Sanding Kit for Father's Day. But since I needed to use it today, he'll actually just get the empty box wrapped up real pretty.

(That's sort of rude, so maybe I'll get him a Gift Card to his favorite restaurant, like Olive Garden. I could die for their Five Cheese Ziti al Forno. And DH loves the... uhm... wait. He really doesn't love Olive Garden.)

(Oh, well. I'm sure I'll think of something.)

I like this sander because it's small and fits in my hand easily; it has several attachments for detail work; and it's ORANGE. And it worked great.

See? See the sanded walls?
See how much work I did?

Sanding took about an hour to do—including reading the sander instructions and figuring out how to work it.

And then I painted the first coat. That took about two hours.

The Glidden went on really nice and thick. I liked it. But I'll still need a second coat.

One of Glidden's selling points was that this paint was low-odor.

Guess again.

It smelled like that thick, white gluey paste from elementary school. Personally, I think I like regular paint smell better.

Here is the room with the first coat of paint:

It has to dry four hours between coats, so I'll be doing the second coat on Monday.

Then I have to figure out how to hang the new light fixture...

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Shera said...

Wow Karlene! You did a lot of work. This room is going to be sooo AMAZING!