Friday, June 24, 2011

Living in Abundance (or yes, I really am this nuts)

So, I have lots of colored printer paper that I've had for a long time. I don't have as much call to use it as I used to, so I haven't bought any in several years. What I have is leftovers from when Rosehaven (my publishing company) was in full swing—so this paper is at least 5 years old, maybe more.

I have a lot of the pastel colors of paper left because I don't really care much for them. They are too wimpy and boring. Although I do like the CANARY. And if I'm in the right mood, I like the PINK and the BLUE and the LAVENDAR.

The only thing I use this colored paper for these days is a daily schedule tracking page. It's sort of a time grid where I write what I do so I can bill out clients correctly. It also has some boxes to check to remind me to drink enough water, exercise, etc. Anyway, I print these on colored paper—even though colored paper is a little more expensive than white paper—because then they aren't quite so easily lost in the mess on my desk.

And, I always print on pastel colors because they're cheaper than the astrobrights.

Yesterday, I used my last printed daily tracker, so I needed to print more.

The last batch of pages that I printed was on the pastel BLUE paper.

I didn't want BLUE pages when I printed them. Nor did I want the pastel GREEN that I printed on the time before that. I wanted them on CANARY—because canary is a happy, springy, fun color. But I was out of CANARY paper—and you can't just go buy more CANARY paper when you've got stacks and stacks of other colors that are perfectly good paper. Right?

But today, when I went to print more sheets, I really, REALLY, REALLY wanted to print them on CANARY paper.

I wanted CANARY bad enough that I searched carefully through all my stacks of colored paper, hoping maybe a few sheets had gotten mixed with the other colors.


So then I decided, since I needed to run errands today, I'd just go by Office Max and get a whole ream of CANARY because—hey, God is abundant and it would make me happy.

But then I got back home from my errands, sat down to print, and realized I'd forgotten to go to Office Max. :(

So I looked at all my colored papers...

The astrobright TERRA GREEN caught my eye...

And to be perfectly honest, I really hadn't wanted to print on CANARY all these months.

I really, secretly, in my heart of hearts, wanted to print on the TERRA GREEN, but I pretended to want CANARY because everyone knows that the astrobrights are so much more expensive than the pastels*** and I had no good reason to print on the TERRA GREEN other than the fact that it was pretty.

So, I reached for the pastel BLUE.


And then—

Then, a miracle happened.

I said to myself...

"Karlene, are you kidding me??? You are going to pass up a chance to show faith in the abundant goodness of God because you're afraid to "waste" five year old astrobright paper???



So, I printed two weeks worth of pages on the TERRA GREEN (because that's all the TERRA GREEN paper I had on hand)—and I am loving it!

Yay me!!

I can't believe I almost cheated myself of a little whimsy and happiness for .0024¢ a day.

How incredibly nuts (not to mention, stingy) is that?!

***Actual price difference: pastel = .02258¢ per sheet; astrobright = .02498¢ per sheet.

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Stephanie Abney said...

You're such a goofball!! I love you!!