Monday, June 20, 2011

Peg-Boardage is Awesome!

Shera, my awesome professional organizer, suggested I do vertical storage in the Craft Room. So I looked at a LOT of different ways to do that and decided to go with the pegboard system because:
  1. it's in my budget

  2. it's cute

On Wednesday, Burrito (my awesome grandson & errand buddy) and I ran errands all over the place collecting supplies for the pegboard vertical storage sytem.

We found some awesomely cute wall stickers in pink, green and blue at the Dollar Store.

I fell in love with those colors and decided they absolutely MUST be the theme of my room.

Burrito fell in love with a helicopter.

Then we went to Home Depot. I got white pegboard, pre-cut in 24x48" pieces for only $6.70 each.

I got three.

I also got 1" furring strips which came in 8 ft lengths for less than $1 each. I got three and had the HD boys cut them in half for me (they do it for free), which gave me six 48" furring strips.

After that, we went to the bank, and the post office, and Target, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. When we got back home, I asked Burrito if he wanted to help me start building stuff.

He said, "No thank you, Grandma."

So this morning, I painted the pegboards:
I used the Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2x Coverage spray paint in Key Lime, Spa Blue and Berry Pink.

I love the pink and blue. The green is a bit too yellow (and not an exact match to either the stickers or the paint cap), but it's close enough that I can live with it.

Next step, hanging the pegboard on the walls...

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