Thursday, June 30, 2011

Plan B?

It's raining on my parade today...

You know about my ginormous house reclamation project, right?

I finally got tired of waiting around for access to DH and DS's muscles and I hired a young man and his father to come over and move heavy stuff for me today.

Part of the plan was to have them haul some heavy boxes of trash (old UB catalogs, etc.) upstairs, stack it in the driveway, then we'd' borrow a truck and haul it to the dump over the weekend. But with the rain, that won't work. The last thing I need is soggy catalogs in my driveway.

And most of the rest of the moving of heavy stuff is contingent upon moving this stuff OUT. OF. The. Way.

I also need to transfer things between shed and house, garage and house, and vice versa—which exposes everything we're moving to the elements. Some of it's plastic—no biggie. But some of it's wood.

Don't know what I'm going to do, but decided not to cancel due to weather. I'll just hope that God provides a way...

But He'll need to work fast because they get here in 45 minutes.


Sun came out.

Clouds disappeared.

Guys came.

Big stuff moved.

Stayed nice and cool.

Going back to bed.

Will dust and move little stuff another day.

Thank you, Father.

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Angie said...

Good luck! I hope the rain stops for you. Weather can be suck a pain sometimes.