Thursday, July 28, 2011

12x12 Paper Storage Shelves

Finally got the vertical storage units built and hung in my Woman Cave!

It really wasn't too hard to do, once I decided what I wanted and how to customize it for my own needs.

I knew I wanted 12x12 paper storage and after spending a lot of time on the Internet (I love Google!), I found some I thought looked nice and would be easy enough for me to do by myself.

This is their photo.

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Here is the link to instructions for making the shelves.

Here's a link to a YouTube video that doesn't show much of how to do it, but does show it finished and she talks about it.

First I started with several sets of these wire cubes. They were around $20 a set. I got four sets because I wasn't 100% sure how many I'd need and wanted to be sure I had enough.

Note #1: I couldn't find the wire cubes at the Dollar Store (like the woman who made the video suggested). I ended up finding them at Target. Walmart sometimes has them, too.

Just like she says to do, I built the wire crates and added extra shelving, using the zip ties to hold them in place. Then I hung the cubes on the pegboards.

Note #2: It would have been easier if I had attached the vertical storage cubes to the pegboard before hanging it. Then I could have just run longer zip ties through the holes of the pegboard and secured them that way. But I didn't do that. Ended up having to buy metal pegboard hooks to hold up the cubes.

These vertical storage cubes hold all my scrapbooking paper—which went through a bit of a purge first. I only kept the colors and patterns I really liked.

These vertical storage cubes will hold other craft supplies. Right now, yarn. I'm re-learning how to knit and having fun making things that may or may not be done in time for Christmas gift-giving.

And notice how I've also hung my fabric scissors and some spools of thread on the pegboard? Pegboard is awesome!

I still have leftover wire squares, so I may end up making another set of cubes to use in the gift wrap zone of my Woman Cave. Or not. Haven't decided yet.

But this really was a very fun and easy project. Very versatile. And not too hard on the budget either.

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