Monday, July 25, 2011

Deathly Hallows Part 2

It. Was. Awesome!

Yes, it was.

No arguing.

Just go see it.

And if you saw it and didn't like it, well, then...

just... well...


(Detailed review coming in just a minute.)

Okay, so me and my peeps went to the movie this past Saturday. And because we are TOTALLY COOL, we dressed up!

This is my friend, Julie Ann, who is a Hogwarts student.
And me, a Hogwarts teacher.

And this is Anna, on the left, a generic witch.
And her daughter, Hayley, who is Tonks.
(Of course she is! Look at her hair!)

And here we have another Hayley,
who is another TONKS!
(How cute is that!!!)

And here are Suan, Cassidy and April—three Muggles.
(Seriously? Muggles??? That's the best you could do?)

Everyone in our group got a Treat Bag
(thanks, Suan, for all the help on that)

Treat Bags included:
  • Ton-Tongue Toffee

  • Fizzing Whizbees

  • Droobles Best Blowing Gum

  • Marvolo Gaunt's Ring

  • Magical Pencil

  • CD with Harry Potter Bingo Games & Word Puzzles

  • Hand Sanitizer (you have to see the movie)

  • DIY Goblet of Fire

  • and A REAL WAND!!!

And now for my movie review...

Sorry, there will be spoilers.

This is the bad guy.
He is up to no good.

These are the bad guy's friends.
They aren't very nice either.

These are the good guys....
Oh, wait. Wrong movie.

Here they are.

And here they are again.

The good guys have friends too.
They don't look like much, do they?

The good guys make the bad guy so mad...
he tries to pinch Harry's face off!

But Harry fights back.
"Take that you pasty white man with no nose!"

Fighting bad guys is really dirty, sweaty business.

With a name like Deathly Hallows,
you just know someone is going to die.

They do. Several someones, in fact.

Yes, I know Dobby died in the last movie,
but I'm still very sad about that.

This one was very sad too.

Lots of people cried when Snape died.

But some people gave him a nice burial and a tombstone.

A lot of people survived
so we have to be happy about that.

And some people were totally awesome!
Neville! You ROCK!!!

And then after everyone that didn't die
had a chance to get a shower,
they all grow up, get married, have cute kids and
live happily ever after.

The End.

Oh, and P.S.: The HP Bingo and Puzzle book that were offered as prizes are now for sale HERE.


ansindt said...

Thank you for the amazing time=) Haley and I really enjoyed ourselves. And we do make a good looking witch and Tonks, if I do say so myself=) We will be counting down the days until the Breaking Dawn party!

Suan said...

love the movie review :)
had a great time...thanks for all the time you put into the party !

Annette Lyon said...

Your movie reviews are always excellent (and laugh out loud funny!).

Great post.