Monday, July 18, 2011

Grand Prize Winner!!!

And the winner of the
Grand Prize for
Inksplasher's Totally Awesome
Harry Potter Blog Party

which includes....

The Entire 5-Volume Leven Thumps Series!

The Harry Potter Character Bingo Game*

The Harry Potter TRIVIA Bingo Game*

The Harry Potter Puzzle Book*

Candy Grab Bag

And a few other fun-derful surprises!


(Cue Drum Roll, please)


Congratulations, Anna!!!

And although most of you party-players won't care, the sponsors were also entered to win a Grand Prize just for them (which may or may not be exactly like the Grand Prize described above). And the winner of the Sponsor Grand Prize is:


Thanks for playing everyone
and make sure you come back in November
when we'll be doing a Breaking Dawn party!


ansindt said...

Thank you very much! I am soo excited=) Can't wait to try out the Harry Potter games=)

Shera said...

Thank you so much Karlene! This was really fun!