Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Blog Party Grand Prize!

Oh, my! I just realized that I never told you what the Grand Prize was for Inksplasher's Totally Awesome Harry Potter Blog Party!

Bad, bad blog party host! (Banging my head into the wall, ala Dobby...)

So, here it is....

The Grand Prize for Inksplasher's Totally Awesome Harry Potter Blog Party includes....

The Entire 5-Volume Leven Thumps Series!
Because we'll all be going through withdrawal, here's another series about a magical boy and his friends. It's very different from Harry Potter, but it's fun fantasy for middle grade and slightly older readers.

The Harry Potter Character Bingo Game*
Includes 12 playing sheets and 45 character image calling cards.
Plays just like regular Bingo.

The Harry Potter TRIVIA Bingo Game*
Includes 12 playing sheets with answers and 45 trivia calling cards. You read the question on the card and players must cover the square containing the answer.

The Harry Potter Puzzle Book*
A book of word games for Harry Potter fans. Includes crossword puzzles, word searches, and other word play games.

Candy Grab Bag
A variety of candies straight from Honeydukes, or thereabouts.
(Actual candy may or may not look like that pictured above.)

And a few other funderful surprises!

TO ENTER: Every entry in any of the other Harry Potter Blog Party contests (CLICK HERE or refer to sidebar to see entire list) automatically enters you to win the Grand Prize.


Winner will be chosen using and announced Saturday, July 16th.

*These are downloadable digital files, created by me.

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Evelyn said...

No head banging, no!!

This week has been so fun...I love the theme, and I've enjoyed the contests!!