Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Impromptu Road Trip

So yesterday, I confessed that I missed the last post for the day because it was pre-empted by a nap. And that's true. But what I didn't tell you was the reason I was so tired.

We took a trip to Hogwarts!!!

Yes. Yes, we did. It was so amazing—and very spur of the moment. It all started with Nichole suggesting that we go on some type of trip together. Julie suggested we go to the grocery store, but we vetoed that right away. Suan wanted to go to Forks, but...well, been there, done that.

So when Shera said, "Why don't we go to Hogwarts?" Taffy and Tiffany started jumping up and down, and squealing like a couple of girls. So Hogwarts it was.

Most of us caught the Hogwarts Express at the Salt Lake City Amtrak depot.

Unfortunately, I was running late and had to take a broom.
It kind of messed up my hair.

It was nice and sunny when we got to Hogwarts Castle.

The students had just finished playing a game of Quidditch (Griffyndor won, of course) and were headed inside to get ready for the Summer Ball!

Most of us went inside with them because we wanted to go to the ball as well. But Julie decided to stay outside and do some light reading.

It was a lovely evening, complete with a feast beyond imagining.
Then the dancing began.

Nichole took a turn around the floor with Victor Krum.
(We don't know why he's wearing a fur-trimmed cape in the summer time, but he's cute, so he can do whatever he wants!)

Taffy had a great time with Neville—who despite his clumsiness everywhere else, he's quite the aficionado on the dance floor. He can give Astaire a run for his money.

Suan got to dance with Edward Cedric.
In fact, she pretty much monopolized him the entire night!

Unfortunately, Tiffany got stuck with Ron.
He was ticked off and not much of a sport. Sorry Tiffany .

Shera decided to forego the dancing and spent the evening debating the pros and cons of gillyweed vs the Bubble Head charm with Snape and Dumbledore.

Over all, it was a very nice evening.

If you got to go to Hogwarts for a day, what would be the one thing you'd absolutely make sure you got to do/see?

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Jessie Humphries said...

This is so awesome. I love, love, love it. And I would like to visit the Room of Requirement. I'm sure it would be lined with stacks of Diet Coke and chocolate and baths for me!

Evelyn said...

How fun!! I would love to see a quidditch match. I agree with Jessie also, seeing the Room of Requirement would be awesome!

Tiffany Dominguez said...

That was epic. Ron eventually apologized and ditched Hermoine for yours truly.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, even Hermoine was smart enough to not get caught up in the vampire. Personally I think that Snape would be one awesome conversationalist...since he hardly speaks in the entire movies! And I love Alan Rickman!!

Christy said...

Such a fun trip! I'd definitely head to the Weasley brother's store for some magical treats!

Taffy said...

I can't believe you posted this picture of me, Karlene! Neville looks great but you caught my bad, elf side!

I'd like to see look in the silver bowl of memories but I can't remember what it's called...