Monday, July 18, 2011

The Most Heavenly Healthy Snack Recipe

I just invented the most heavenly snack recipe!

I started a weight loss challenge on Friday and hit withdrawal and cravings BIG TIME on Saturday. I wanted yummy. I wanted chewy. I wanted CHOCOLATE!

I complained to my coaches/sponsors (yes, I have two—my daughter and my sister; lucky me!). They were not much help with their, "Just dip a banana or apple slices in peanut butter for a yummy, nutritious snack..."


I'm not a big peanut butter lover. In fact, in my entire life, I've never liked peanut butter. I like the flavor just fine but not the texture. I really don't like the way it sticks in my mouth.

If I've hated peanut butter my entire life, am I really going to like it now???

But. I decided to give it a try, and GUESS WHAT?!?

I still don't like it.

But it wasn't quite as hideous as I remembered it. So I forced down the snack and it filled me up but I wasn't really happy about it.

And it did nothing for the CHOCOLATE CRAVING.

So when the cravings hit again yesterday afternoon, I decided to get creative. I made the most awesome low-cal, high protein, peanut butter and chocolate fruit dip that is TO DIE FOR!


I call it...


1 TBS Natural Creamy Peanut Butter (like Adam's) = 105 cal

1 TBS Natural Almond Butter = 90 cal

1 TBS Pure Cocoa = 10 cal

1 tsp pure vanilla = 12 cal

3 – 4 TBS Almond Milk = 10 cal

Mash it all up with a fork to make a thick, but not sticky spread to go on bananas, apples, cherries, strawberries, whatever. Or even on rice cakes.

Makes approx 5 TBS = 227 cal

1 serving = 1 TBS = 45 cal

with banana (105 + 45) = 150 cal

apple (80 + 45) = 125 cal

And if you want it smoother or thinner so you can drizzle it (like this picture on the right), add more almond milk and blend it in a blender until its the consistency you prefer.

  • Use all peanut butter

  • Use all almond butter

  • Use hazelnut butter (Nutella, move over!)

Oh, and you're welcome. ;)


Suan said...

yumm...i'm going to have to try it :)

Evelyn said...

I hate it when I'm craving chocolate and someone tells me to eat a piece of NEVER works! THIS, on the other hand, this may work. Thank you for sharing!

Shera said...

This TOTALLY beats a handful of chocolate chips! I love it! I am making some this morning.

Anna Maria Junus said...

It sounds great. I wonder if it's anything like Nutella. You don't need antyhing for Nutella. Bread, crackers, fruit just runins it. All you need is a spoon.