Sunday, August 28, 2011

It May Not Be Terabithia, but...

A little over a week ago—

Wait! Has it really been only a week since I got home? It seems so long ago since I was in heaven...

[*long pause* *deep sigh*]

Okay, so a little over a week ago, I went on an awesome trip with my friend, Colleen.

Colleen, did I promise you I wouldn't post this photo on my blog? If I did, I'm sorry. I forgot. But you look so cute! I love that expression on your face.

Anyway, Colleen and I have been dear friends for years. We've supported each other through many of life's trials. We even shared a house for a year and a half when we were both struggling financially. Colleen is really more like a sister than a friend and she looks so much like my mom's side of the family that I think we must be related somewhere back in the tangled roots of our ancestries.

So, where was I?

Oh, yes. We took this trip to a magical kingdom deep in the backwoods of Idaho—where there were lots of bears and mountain lions and man-eating squirrels and stuff.

DH made me take pepper spray, and I have to confess, there's a bush up there crying its little eyes out right now.

I knew we were entering a magical place when we drove over the Bridge to Terabithia… uhmmm… the Bridge on the River Kwai … The Very Dangerous Bridge that Glory must cross to get the alicorn belt-buckle from her father's ancestral home.

(Don't feel bad if you've never heard of that bridge. It's in one of the novels I'm working on.)

Then I got my first glimpse of THE RIVER...

I am obsessed with this river!

I took fourteen photos of it.

But don't worry. I won't force you to look at all of them.

Just this one.

And maybe this one.

And here's one with my feet in the frame, lest you think I just stole all these photos off the Interweb.

(Which is something I would never, ever do!)

(Unless it was for a trip to Forks)

(or something.)

And here's the cabin we stayed in.

What? You don't believe those are really my feet?

Okay, here's me pondering a plot line on the magical swing hand-carved by Rocky Mountain ogres.

And here's me taking some character notes for my YA mystery.
Notice how close I am to THE RIVER? It was only 30 feet from the front door.

I spent much time out by THE RIVER—thinking and writing and watching butterflies flit by on their way to some important task.

I think one of them had a job at the local Grease & Go because it was bright orange with black smears all over its wings—just like the uniform the guy wore who changed my oil last time.

And here's me pointing to the trailer hitch—to prove it's a trailer that we're staying in because from the inside, you'd think it was really a HOUSE.

And speaking of the inside, here's the front room-slash-kitchen.
If you listen really, REALLY, carefully, you can hear THE RIVER.

And here's my bedroom.
Where every single night I was serenaded by THE RIVER.

I haven't slept that well in years!

Right outside my window is the cutest little flower garden.

"That's gorgeous, Karlene!
I wish you had a close-up of the flowers."

Well, okay.
This is going to be my next colored pencil project.

And when I finish that, this will be my next one.

While I was up by THE RIVER, I wrote every. single. day.

And I hiked.

And I admired the firepit.

But I didn't use the firepit because I'm really not into roughing it.


My own little slice of heaven.

For a week.

And I miss it.

I'm making a huge collage of all my photos (no, I did not post all of them here) and I'm hanging it on my wall by my computer. Then I'm posting this sign on my office door.

And when you call and I don't answer, you can be sure it's because I've gone back to heaven.

Now playing on my iPod: Own Private Idaho by the B-52s


Evelyn said...

It looks beautiful, and sounds like it was divine! Idaho has so many gorgeous spots...glad you had a good time, and for a WHOLE WEEK! :-)

Suan said...

awesome pictures...makes me want to go visit THE RIVER !