Monday, August 08, 2011

Look, Honey. I Bagged Us a Big One!

DH is insisting that I get some pepper spray to take with me on my trip to Idaho.

Did you know that Wal-Mart does not sell pepper spray?

So I dragged my sister over to Sportsmans Warehouse—and look what was out front!

I texted this photo to DH with the caption, "Look, Honey. I Bagged Us a Big One!"

DH: You hate venison.

Me: Yes, but I got it for U. :)

DH: Bring it home. I will cook it on the grill.

And then, because I'm trying to add more whimsy to my life, I had to—erm—act my age...

Oh, and the pepper spray? There were so many brands and bottles and packaging types. After my head exploded from trying to make a decision when I know nothing about pepper spray, I ended up getting the stuff in the pink purse-size container, because:
  1. It supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation

  2. It has dye in it to make the culprit easier to find when they run away

  3. And as my sister said, it's got to be doubly humiliating for a man to be taken down with a PINK pepper sprayer.

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Cindy Beck, author said...

You gave me a good laugh ... and it is so totally like you to have your finger up an elk's nose. I'm just glad he wasn't real! By the way, you do realize you can't count him for your "Life is fun" list? Sadly, he is not a moose. :)