Saturday, August 06, 2011

You're Doing WHAT Without Me???

I went up to see my sister today for her birthday. She informed me that she and my other sister have been doing something new, different and/or fun every month since January.

Why didn't I know this?

I mean, I knew Elaine was doing some new things because I read about them in our monthly family newsletter.

But I didn't know it was a plan!

And I didn't know Suan was doing it too!!


That's 8 whole months!!!

How come nobody told me???

(I ought to tell everyone that Suan turned 67 today,
but I'm just not a vindictive person.)


After I got over being ticked off that my sisters were having lots of fun without me, she invited me to go with her to do her August fun thing—test drive a pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes.

F a h R E A K !

We both decided that this was not a shoe choice for us. It just felt kind of weird and icky between the toes. But it was fun going in the store and pretending we were interested in them.

And afterwards, I got to thinking about this whole do something fun and enjoy life thing. I do'nt want to turn into an old fogey. I may not be able to stop aging physically, but I can stay young at heart. So I'm going to do some fun things too. I may be able to go back and list some things retroactively, but for sure, from this month forward,

I'm playing too!

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