Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Horsin' Around...


We went to the Kentucky Horse Park.

It was a little cold and drizzly outside, but we had fun anyway.

(Don't tell Suan I said that. She paid for me to get in because I really didn't want to go, but she said if I had fun, I had to pay her back.)

We walked all over that park. And took the trolley ride.

The museums were my favorite—because the flies don't get in there and it doesn't smell like horse poop.

I found the cutest little baby buggy for my newest grandbaby but I couldn't figure out how to pack it in my suitcase. :(

We learned lots of interesting facts about horses, like...

Capt. Kirk LOVES horses!

And so does Carson Kressley.
This is his Emmy on display.

Then my sister dared me to actually RIDE a horse.
(She always gets me into trouble.)

It wasn't too bad at first.

But then the horse started to MOVE!

Ryane got into the horse riding big time!

I can't be shown up by my niece, can I?

We won't say anything about my sister's picture-taking skillz.

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