Saturday, September 17, 2011

Name This Baby Contest!

If you're my friend on Facebook, you already know that we welcomed a NEW GRANDSON into the world yesterday.


(Yes, I'm still doing the Happy Grandma dance!)

So. Now I need an online name for him—because I will not ever use the real names of my grandchildren online.

Because I'm paranoid.

I always believed that my children needed to be extra careful of kidnappers because they were the CUTEST kids in the neighborhood and if kidnappers were trolling, they'd go for them first.

That goes double for my grandchildren!

What am I saying?!?? Quadruple — no — uhm — CENTUPLE — no — uhm — INFINITY and BEYOND!

Anyway. The contest.* I need an online name for this new little bundle of goodness. Just as a reminder, here are my other three grandsons.


*There are no prizes for this contest other than the WFFI you'll get if I pick your suggestions.


Jeri said...

he is ADORABLE! I WANT ONE!!!!!!

Who knows... you might just have to call him "the little man" or snuggle-baby until you get to know his personality... but the thigns that come to mind are:
Peanut... nougat (or nuggie for short)... monkey-doodle...

have fun with that little love bundle. nothing like holding a sweet baby - fresh from heaven...

Corps of Discovery. said...

Hi, Karlene,
This is Kris's aunt, Devani. I want to come to Utah and cuddle the new one so badly. Facebook and blog pictures aren't enough! (Although they are better than nothing.)

So, my family and I are thinking of names. This is what we've come up with:

My husband and kids think you should continue with the "food" theme to go along with Burrito, especially their dad's profession. They think "Nacho" or "Taco" would be great. My daughter and I think if you continue with food, it should be Italian food, like "Lasagna" or "Alfredo."

We also think "Shades", as in Roman Shades is cute.

Please give him a kiss on the chin for me.