Saturday, September 24, 2011

Riotous Living

If you read the title wrong and thought this post was going to be a sermon on "righteous living"—


Someone turned 50 back in December and thought they got away with it...


In case you missed it, that was the
BIG 5-0!

But he was a good sport and wore all the decorations we put on him.

Without complaint.


One of us had a little too much fun and had to be restrained.

Several extended relations came by but I forgot to take photos.
(Sorry. I'm bad.)

Saturday morning, we were all partied out.


(Will you people never learn? I am never partied out!)

(Well, rarely.)

The birthday boy, however, was tired of pictures.
He's giving me the "Put down that camera and nobody gets hurt" look.

Ryane & Suan doing the princess wave.

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Me & my Pops!

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