Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday: Fridge for the Woman Cave

Okay, so I wanted a mini fridge for my Woman Cave. Just big enough to hold some bottled water. And maybe a bag of chocolate.

This is the one I wanted.


Well, not exactly that one. Not that brand.

I wanted the one that Wal-Mart had online back in the spring. It was a deeper pink. And it was around $90.

Soooooo out of my budget!

I was griping to my sister about not being able to afford the pink one and maybe I'd get the white one (about $20 cheaper) but still that was out of my budget and I didn't really need one, I just wanted one so I wouldn't have to climb up all the 14 stairs from my basement if I got thirsty in the middle of a project and never mind the fact that I have to regularly climb those stairs to... well, there's no bathroom downstairs, but really it was just a pie-in-the-sky daydream because there were other things I needed more than a mini fridge but the pink one was sooo cute and it matched the decals I got at the Dollar Store and...

And she interrupted me—which normally would tick me off—but she said she had a black one she was getting rid of, if I wanted it.

Of course I wanted it!

And here it is. In my woman cave.

And here it is with water in it.

And here it is with some of those cute little decals from the Dollar Store.

Total Price: 50¢ and the swap of a bean bag chair
that was on its way to D.I.

Now all I need is an extension cord that will take a 3-prong plug and I'm good to go!

Thanks, Suan.

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