Monday, October 31, 2011

I Love Halloween

But I wasn't going to dress up this year. I was just too tired. I put on my denim shirt with the Halloween stitching, some skeleton earrings, and a spider ring, and called it good.

But then...

Well. I want my grandkids to remember me as a fun grandma. Not an old stick in the mud. So I hurried and got a costume together—and just in time, too! I'd barely finished when...

...the Sumo Wrestler and the Old Lady dropped by for a visit.

Okay, technically, I know I'm not their grandma.
But I have fun pretending I am.

Then Burrito arrived in his Spidey costume.
I said, "Burrito, I'm going to pretend to scare you
and you pretend to be afraid, okay?"

I think he did a good job.

And then Shrek came.

He doesn't look very scared, does he?

Great minds think alike!
Burrito is giving me his best scarey Spidey look.
Shrek is standing still—very still—
because every time I snapped a photo, he jumped
and was a total blur.

So, he's pretending to be a Spidey statue.

And here is Monkey Boy (aka Buddha).

Wait, you've got to see this one up close.

And look at that little tail!
Buddha said, "Tricker trick." And then gave me lots of candy.

I still haven't decided what to call this little bundle of joy.
He's dressed up as a baby. Clever, isn't he?

"Grandma, could you please get your hair out of my mouth?"

And this one gets the favorite child award tonight.
She's the only one of the sticks in the mud. . .
party poopers. . .
adult children who dressed up tonight.

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Cindy M Hogan author of Watched said...

So glad you dressed up! Halloween is my faavoorite!