Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Know Bella Winner! (and Answers)

Here are the answers to the How Well Do You Know Bella game.

  1. She first sees him in the Forks High School cafeteria. But she actually interacts with him first in their Biology class. (Either answer is correct.)

  2. A Mercedes S600 Guardian.

  3. Overprotectiveness or he drives like a maniac. (Either answer is correct.)

  4. La Bella Italia in Port Angeles (book) or Edward's house (movie). (Either answer is correct.)

  5. Orange blossoms, lilacs, freesia and roses. (If you listed any of these, I counted it correct.)

  6. Isle Esme.

  7. The lullaby Edward wrote for her.

  8. Coke.

  9. Strawberry scented.

  10. Topaz, to match Edward's eyes. (It used to be garnet.)

  11. Seventeen.

  12. Marie (after her grandmother).

And the winner is:

Kamryn chose Box #5, which contained the Book Bling! Wolf Cell Phone Tassel.

All prizes ship at the end of the party.

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