Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Pick Your Prize: Bella's Bridal/Baby Shower

Edward has always been a huge fan of the original Let's Make a Deal game show, featuring Monte Hall.

You'll frequently find him channel surfing the game show networks late at night, hoping to catch it in reruns.

So when I mentioned that we'd be giving away daily prizes as part of Bella's Totally Awesome Bridal/Baby Shower, he insisted we do it Let's Make a Deal Style.

Each prize has been assigned a numbered box. Some prizes are pretty awesome (ex: signed copy of The Dark Divine by Bree Despain); others are smaller items (ex: 'I Heart Vampires' note pads). But they're all guaranteed fun! (Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a list of the remaining prizes.)

When you're notified that you're a winner of a daily prize, pick the box you like and you'll get the prize inside.

After a box is chosen, I'll post what was inside it.

All prizes will be shipped after the party is over.

Prize #1

Prize #2—Chosen
Prize #2 was Vampire Lips Tote &
I Heart Vampires Note Set

Chosen by Erica
winner of First Letters contest!

Prize #3

Prize #4

Prize #5—Chosen
Prize #5 was a Book Bling Wolf Cell Tassel
Chosen by Kamryn
winner of How Well Do You Know Bella? contest

Prize #6

Prize #7—CHOSEN
Prize #7 was Bella's New Moon Parfum Spritzer
Chosen by ferretvamp14
winner of First Kiss contest

Prize #8—Chosen
Prize #8 was a Scarf, Bitten Notebook & Bracelet
Chosen by Kaitlyn
winner of Words of Love contest

Prize #9—Chosen
Prize #9 was The Dark Divine by Bree Despain
Chosen by Amy
winner How Well Do You Know Edward!

Prize #10

Prize #11—Chosen
Prize #11 was Alice's Make-Up Kit
Chosen by Erica
winner of Paranormal Couples contest!

Prize #12

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