Monday, November 14, 2011

Words of Love Winner! (and Answers)

Here are the answers to the Words of Love game.

  1. "You are exactly my brand of heroin." Edward, Twilight, ch 13.

  2. “You and me. That’s the only thing that matters. The only thing you’re allowed to think about now.” Bella, Breaking Dawn, ch 4.

  3. “Hold on a second. I think I’m having an epiphany here.” Bella, New Moon, ch 24.

  4. “What I want and need is to be with you.” Edward, New Moon, ch 23.

  5. “I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not.” Bella, Eclipse, ch 2.

  6. “That was quite graceful – even for a vampire.” Edward, Breaking Dawn, ch 21.

  7. “Let me get this straight — I’m the baby seal, right?” Bella, Twilight, ch 14.

  8. “Distract me, please.” Edward, Twilight, ch 8.

  9. “Time passes. Even when it seems impossible.” Bella, New Moon, ch 4.

  10. "If we could bottle your luck, we’d have a weapon of mass destruction on our hands." Edward, Eclipse, ch 1.

The Words of Love
contest winner is

Kaitlyn chose box #8, which contained:
Red Scarf and Bitten Notebook/Bracelet
(to cover up the bite marks on your neck)

*All prizes ship at the end of the party.

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