Monday, February 27, 2012

I Made Healthy Peanut Butter Cups!

My daughter, McKenna, created a recipe for healthy peanut butter cups.

Yes! Really!

Here's what her candies looked like:

Aren't they gorgeous?!

And then she made some cute ones for her boys, too.

I decided to try to make them myself. Burrito helped. 

Here are mine:

Not nearly so cute because: 1) I don't have any candy molds, and 2) I don't care about painting the cups to make them pretty, and 3) I have lousy photo skills.

I also don't have any cute plates or papers to put them on, ergo the Christmas-themed candy cups and the Halloween-themed plate.

But. I tried them out on my writers group last night and they got the thumbs up.

They were pretty easy to make. Only took me 20 minutes, start to finish. You may need to make them a couple of times to get the recipe to fit your personal tastes. I thought the coconut to peanut butter balance was a tad strong, but not so strong that I'm not scarfing them down one after the other. One of the ladies in my group agreed that she'd like the peanut butter to be stronger, but another of the ladies said she couldn't taste any coconut at all.

Bottom line: I loved them!

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