Monday, May 14, 2012

Million Dollar Diva

Normally, I only review fiction here at Inksplasher, but I love Tristi Pinkston and many moons ago I told her I'd review any book she wrote (or co-wrote).

So when Tristi told me about her new non-fiction book, Million Dollar Diva: The Smart Woman's Guide to Getting Rich Safely, I definitely wanted to review it.

And not just because Tristi wrote it, but because DH and I have been really struggling financially for the past couple of years. It seems we can never get on top of things. So I was eager to read this book and had all my fingers and toes crossed that it would give me some ideas.

Here's the blurb from the back of the book:

Finally—the woman's answer to growing rich safely! Women today face more money challenges than ever before, from managing careers and families to finances—the demands on their time and resources are increasing. Bad financial advice abounds, and it can be hard to know what to do. 

Award-winning author Tristi Pinkston teams up with bestselling authors Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap to bring you Million Dollar Diva. Experience Tristi's real-life transformation from stuggling in debt to million-dollar retirement!
In this book, you'll discover:
  • The 5-step, simple, safe, and predictable process to change living paycheck-to-paycheck to enjoying wealth and security.
  • How to give yourself a $400 per month raise without asking the boss or working a minute of overtime.
  • "Spend Like a Diva." How to have anything you want—nice vacations, eating out, trips to the mall. It's all part of the plan!
  • The secret formula of how to completely eliminate your debt in 1/3 the time and save tens of thousands on interest costs in the process. You'll see why all the TV gurus are wrong!
  • 5 Million-Dollar-Diva investing strategies that will grow your money safely and predictably every year, without the guesswork.
  • Plus! Discover the key to stop fighting and quarreling with your spouse about money forever!

Imagine yourself living debt-free and building a million-dollar retirement safely and securely, so you can have total confidence in yourself and your future.

Okay. Sounds like it's just what I'm looking for, right?

Brett, Tristi, Ethan
Tristi co-wrote this book with Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap, the two financial planning advisors behind SafeMoney Millionaire.

Tristi's story was great. I could relate on so many levels. Even though I wasn't personally hit by a semi, I've had other events recently that impacted my health and finances almost as much. I loved Tristi's humorous contributions to the conversation and admired her honesty and willingness to lay it all out there. (And there's a cute video on the Million Dollar Diva website home page.)

The Drill Down ideas and how to find extra money by rearranging your debt were great. I've heard it before, but it seemed too complicated and a little frightening to me. This time it was explained very clearly in ways that I could understand. Not such a big deal.

Creating a vivid dream and budgeting for it was a great idea. I've done that in other areas of my life, but never really considered it for finances. I've been working on this ever since finishing the book.

Tristi also mentions two specific tools/products that she used and found helpful: the Drive Down software and The Income Amplifier. In our situation, we've trimmed out budget until it squeaks. We pay off our credit cards every month and have enough money to cover the basics. But if one of us couldn't work, or if something big breaks, there's no money for that. And very little money for retirement. So I'm seriously interested in that Income Amplifier.

I really, really like that there's an accompanying website,, where Tristi will be posting monthly updates of her financial journey. Like I said, the Tristi parts of the book were excellent and I'm looking forward to following along on her journey and gleaning ideas from her experience.

I only have two less than positive comments.

While the Tristi parts were very good, some of the conversational parts from Brett and Ethan were a little long and preachy—especially the chapter on entitlement. I totally agree with their point of view, but felt they played that tune a little strong and long.

Also, I'm not sure I agree with all their long-term investment advice but it definitely gave me something to think about. DH and I are already moving on this.

Overall, I'm glad I read Million Dollar Diva and I would recommend it. And guess what? They're offering a copy of the book FREE through the website! All you have to do is pay the $5.95 shipping fee. That's totally cool.

But the offer is good only through June 15, 2012 so go get a copy now!