Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flunny Flip Flops Pt 2

Earlier this month, Burrito & I made some cool flip flops. (See full instructions here.) Yesterday, Shrek and Zee came over to make theirs.

Me: Hey, you want to make some cool flip flops?

Shrek: Sure. But first, can we go to that park that my mommy helped build? She worked really hard sanding down the wood so we wouldn't get splinters.

Zee: Park! Go to park!

What could I say?

 Shrek exploring the Dinosaur head.

 Zee loved the sand. He put it on everything—
the dino head, the bench, his feet, his face...

 I had to bribe him to get this one.

"Faster, Grandma! Push faster!!!"

And now for the flip flops...
 Shrek very meticulously chose his designs, colors and placement.

"I gotta' poke duh puppy eyeballs out."

 Shrek's final masterpiece.

Zee's final masterpiece.

All in all, this pinterest experiment was a success!

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