Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Flunny Flip Flops

My grandson, Burrito, and I were cruising around Pinterest the other day and this pin caught his attention:

Unfortunately, the original pinner didn't link to a site with instructions. The image didn't even have a name. So we made one up: Flunny Flip Flops.

(Yes, okay. He inherited my love of puns.)

(Of course, he's four. That might explain it.)

Anyway, it looked pretty simple so I got all the stuff together and when Burrito came over for Grandma Day, we made some. Here are my step-by-step instructions.

What you'll need:
  • cheap flip flops
  • pre-cut sponges or foamies (trust me, you WANT pre-cut)
  • good glue (E-6000 or GOOP)
  • U-swirl, optional

I started with Old Navy flip flops that I got at their annual $1 Flip Flip sale.

I didn't have any pre-cut sponges but I did have foamies. Lots and lots of foamies.

It's important to organize your foamies so you can look them over and pick just the ones you want.
You want to pick shapes that are unique and easy to recognize. If there are holes in the foamies (like eyes, nose, etc), poke those out before gluing them on.

I pulled out the "super special glue made especially for gluing foam pieces" and Burrito got to work.

We discovered one thing really fast—the foam glue wasn't working. It wouldn't adhere to the rubber very well. Which is odd because foamies are a kind of rubbery thing, right?

So even though it was 200 degrees outside, and I had a 4yo and baby in carrier, and it was laundry day (meaning, I was in raggedy sweats and an oversized t-shirt), we took off to our local Hobby Lobby for REAL glue.

(I was looking for E-6000 which I've used before and pretty much glues everything. But I found a multi-pack of GOOP® glues, and decided to give that a try. The blue all-purpose Goop worked like a charm.)

Since U-Swirl was right across the street, I asked Burrito if he thought we should go for frozen yogurt.

He said, "No, thank you, Grandma. I don't really care for frozen yogurt."

So I said, "How about some ice cream?"

Baby Romeo gave me the look that said, "Not only did you not get any flip flops for me, but you're also not sharing your frozen yogurt! And as soon as I'm old enough to talk, I'm telling my brother that you tricked him!"

Back home again, we finally finished the flip flops.
The swirly design at the top of the left shoe is Neptune. In case you were wondering.

Tip #1: It's better if you use foamy letters without the sticky backs. For shapes, it's not a big deal because you can just flip them. But letters have to be put on backward. If they're sticky, you'll hear that annoying stick-rip-stick-rip sound when you walk.

Tip #2: Be sure to turn your letters backward and spell words in reverse so they'll make the imprint the correct direction. 

Tip #3: You want around 1/4" height in the sponges or foamies so they'll make a good impression. If yours aren't thick enough as is, just glue two of them together.

Tip #4: Space the designs at regular intervals between toe and heel, and to the sides. This will give  you a nice balanced sole. (See how we added the moons up by the toes?) If you don't, they'll make you walk all lopsided and your friends will make fun of you.

Will our Flunny Flip Flops leave cool imprints in sand and dirt? I don't know. We didn't get a chance to test them out. But despite the glue issue, I'll call this one a success.

Next week, Shrek and Zee get to make their flip flops.

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