Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Spread Your Wings

Today my youngest child, Megan, and her husband, Kendall, fly away to Taiwan. 

They are going so he can finish his degree in International Business. 

She'll be teaching English and yoga—and learning Chinese.

They have their visas and passports and other important papers.
Everything is packed or sold or stored away. They are good to go!


She'll be gone for a long time. 

And even though she's intelligent 
With her nephew, Rayder

and talented 
She has a rubber face

and totally capable of doing scary things...
Age 4? 5?

In my heart of hearts, I still see her like this:
(She's gonna' kill me)

Oops! I mean like this:
My Baby Girl

She will always, always be my little girl.


Even though I'll miss her terribly, the biggest part of me is so excited for her.
She has always had an adventurous spirit and in many ways she is FEARLESS.
She will love Taiwan and I'm just a little bit envious of her new adventure.

And it's not like I won't be having adventures of my own.
My goal is to be able to do this by the time they return.
What pose is this??

And so, to say goodbye, I made a playlist to commemorate today.

And to express how deeply I love all four of my daughters and four sons.

Some of the songs are for them, some are for me.

But they're all true.

Wide Open Spaces – Dixie Chicks (because I really do understand)

Breakway – Kelly Clarkson

Who I Am – Jessica Andrews

 My Daughter's Eyes – Martina McBride

I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack

Spread your wings, child. I love you.