Friday, November 23, 2012

What I Did on My Thanksgiving Vacation

When the kids were growing up, they always had Thanksgiving with their dad.

(No, don't feel sorry for me. I was totally cool with that. I got them every 4th of July, which is a MUCH warmer holiday and requires less cooking.)

With  no kids around, DH and I started a tradition of taking a mini-getaway over the holiday. Because we were usually traveling, we always ate Thanksgiving dinner at a nationally renowned fancy French restaurant:
 La Écurie Jaune.

Roughly translated: The Yellow Barn

We've done this for about 12 years. It's not very expensive, they do all the cooking and clean up work. All we have to worry about is getting our overstuffed selves out to the car and back to the hotel.

Standing in line outside the restaurant

It was a lovely day. Note the blue sky behind us. That's one of the reasons I love Utah.

Yes, I am wearing Christmas socks on Thanksgiving Day.


Because my Easter socks are dirty.

April, DH & me
The kids are all at Disneyland. April didn't get to go. We took her to dinner with us. Love you, April!

DH was having a grand old time making jokes at my expense. I told him he better watch it because I know how to get even. He didn't believe me.

Kissing the Turkey

Revenge is sweet!

After dinner, we came home and I had a fabulously productive afternoon. (Prepare to be jealous and put to shame by all I got done.)

First, I read a really, really good book on my Kindle. I'm sure it's going to make my 2012 Top Ten List.

Then I wrote a four page family Christmas letter—complete with photos—describing all the fun and fantastic things my family did this year. I bragged about each grandchild and their huge IQs and sparkling personalities.

Next, I wrote personal notes, signed, addressed, and stamped 200 Christmas cards.

After that I spent some time planning my shopping strategy for Black Friday.

I ended the evening by putting up my Christmas tree and decorations.

I feel very good about all I accomplished.

What did YOU do yesterday?

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