Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Go Vote for a Christmas Story!

I entered a story in the 2012 Christmas Story Contest over at LDS Publisher.

Today is the last day to vote on which stories you think are the best.

I can't tell you which story is mine, but I'd be your best friend forever if you'd go take a look and vote for the stories you like best. 

If you happen to recognize my writing voice, please DON'T vote for me just because we're friends. Only vote for mine if you really think it's the best one. 

You can vote anonymously if you want, so I'll never know... and even if I do know, I promise I won't be mad if you don't vote for mine.

A few things to know about this:

  • You don't have to read every single whole story entered in the contest. LDS Publisher says to just read the first few paragraphs and if you don't like it, move on.

  • Every comment, including votes, enters you to win one of the books shown in the sidebar as sponsors this month.

  • If you help spread the word on your blog or social media, you can enter to win an ebook copy of either Checkin' It Twice or Stolen Christmas. You can use the Rafflecopter form below to get your points.


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