Monday, February 25, 2013

191% Faster Than...

I read faster than most people. Most of the time, that's a blessing.

Except for when I was in early-morning seminary. We'd do a timed scripture reading test at the beginning of the year and that determined the number of pages you had to read each day. No one told me that the faster I read, the more pages I'd had to read each day to get a gold star on the chart. I purposely read really slow the next year, but the teacher was my aunt and she knew I was cheating. 

So how fast do I read?

That means:

I think it took me about 3 1/2 hours to read Harry Potter. But that might have included some snack time and potty breaks.

FYI World speed reading champion: 
4,700 words per minute. 

How fast can you read?

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John Waverly said...

That was fun. Your reading speed is impressive.

I've never been a fast reader of fiction. I scored just a smidge above average for adults. I'm much better at non-fiction--especially if the book is well structured allowing me to skim or skip whole sections that don't apply to me.

alison said...

that was a fun little challenge. I am a fast reader normally--but I find the challenge is to slow down and savor each word. :)