Friday, February 15, 2013

Help Me Win a Scholarship?

The past several years, I've been thinking about what I want to do when I grow up.

(It's about time, right? I'm guessing I have more days behind me than in front of me now.)

I love words. I love reading. I love learning new things. I love taking things that are almost perfect and making them better, polishing them until they shine.

I spend a lot of time on projects for others. I especially like helping authors, self-publishers and small presses. I love letting people pick my brain, sharing what I know about writing a good book and getting it published. I get a lot of satisfaction from that.

And at the same time, there's this little nagging thought that creeps in on a regular basis, "When do I get to help myself? When do I get to do my stuff?"

Lately I've been thinking about that and strategizing, planning, calendaring, and actually working on my stuff. One of the roadblocks I've hit is, once I get my product polished and ready, how do I let my target reader—those people who would like it and want it—know that it exists?

I've checked out a lot of courses that talk about doing business online. I've taken a few. I've learned a lot. But there are still gaps in my plan, thing I still don't know how to do.

I recently stumbled across a course. (And when I say stumbled, I mean a Facebook friend "liked" a post someone else put on their wall and I just happened to be online and looking the right direction as it whizzed by on the FB ticker.) Something about it caught my attention so I clicked and clicked and finally got to...

Marie Forleo's B-School at

As I watched the free videos and downloaded the info about the course, I realized that she is covering every single thing I need to know to finally get through those roadblocks.

And her next course starts soon!

I was thrilled—until I saw the price. No way can I do that.

So I decided to make the video to try to win a scholarship. Partial scholarship won't really cut it. I have to get a full-ride.

I looked on YouTube and there are already over 100 videos from people who want the scholarship. Some of them are really good.

Mine is choppy. (I've never made a video like this before.)

And I look goofy. (Because I am so far out of my comfort zone that I'm not even in the same galaxy anymore.)

But I'm hoping that won't matter.

How do  I get a good chance at winning? By spreading the word. (Translation: expect to see me talking about it a lot on Facebook and Twitter over the next few days.)

And by encouraging my friends to comment on my video. Straight from the B-School website, it says:

Audience Choice: One of the scholarships will be an audience choice winner. We'll track the video with the most comments and positive feedback so love up your favorites. We reserve the right to make a decision, but we REALLY want to encourage you to share your dreams with the people you love.

So please, click the link below. Watch my video. Give it a thumbs up and comment! Please! I only have until 3:00 p.m. EST on Monday Feb 18th to get comments. Here is the link:

 ^ ^ ^ link! Yes! Click that one to see my video. ^ ^ ^

Don't comment here. And don't comment on my posts on Facebook. (Well, you can, but it won't help my chance at a scholarship.) Use the link above and comment on the actual YOUTUBE video on the actual YOUTUBE website.


Oh, and if YOU decide to do a video and go for the scholarship too? Let me know here or on Facebook and I'll go give you some YouTube love too.