Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I Moustache You a Question... (or Redemption: The Serious Saga of a Nail Gone Wrong, Part 2)

On Monday, I shared my broken nail saga and that I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Jamberry Nails. The plan was to get them on Tuesday and put on a full set of one of my "grown-up" sets, and then accent one finger with one of the fun sets.

Plans change. I ended up taking an impromptu trip out of town early Tuesday morning—before the mail arrived—and won't be home until Friday. But I did already have my fun accent Jamberry Nails with me.

So this morning, lacking appropriate tools and know-how, and with my very poor eyes and a very, very sore finger, I attempted to put on ONE Jamberry Wrap. I figured if I can do it given these limitations, anyone can. Right?

So here are the fun Jamberry Nails I got:
Pink Skulls, Zebra Print, Peacock Feathers, and Moustaches.

I LOVE all four of these! It was soooo hard to decide which one to try first, so I picked the one that inspired the cleverest blog title.

Because I'm a sell-out that way.

Normally you get two sets of each nail wrap in a package, but my sister and I picked them out together and split them up. (You can do this with your friend too!)

Jamberry Nail Wraps come on a clear strip making it very easy to find the size that fits you best.
Tip: When in doubt, pick a slightly larger one. You can always trim down but you can't trim up.

Then you clean your nails with an alcohol wipe and push your cuticles back. I didn't have any alcohol wipes, so I used alcohol on a piece of toilet paper. Worked just fine.

I also didn't have a cuticle pusher and neither did the Wal-Mart where I'm at, so my photos will show my cuticles in all their raggedy-shaggedy glory.

Next step, cut the nail wrap the length you need to cover your nail. I have long nail beds so I cut mine in half. Little nippers would have worked better, but I didn't have any so I used small paper scissors.
Try this at home!

I also didn't have an orangewood stick or a tool to hold the nail so I used the little paper scissors again. The wraps are a little sticky when you peel them off the clear strip. Sticky is a good thing but an appropriate tool would have worked better.

Here's where it got tricky. Because remember, I'm partially disabled on one hand right now, so yeh. At one point my nail wrap folded over on itself and stuck together. But I was able to gently pull it back apart. Crisis avoided.

I heated the wrap with a blow dryer. (Use a low setting. High blows too hard, ergo the folded over nail wrap mentioned above).

Then I put it on my nail. This took a little work for me to get it centered—mostly because of my eyesight issues—but I'm thinking next time I'll do okay.

Again, I didn't have the rubber smoother tool thingy Jamberry recommends using, so it took some concentrated smoothing.

Tip: Giving it a short blast of hot air once it's on your nail can help it relax a little.
Here it is—centered and smoothed.

Then I took off the excess wrap at the tip with a nail file (yes, I did have one of those). Heated the wrap once again to bond it to my nail.

And voilá!!!
Practically perfect in every way!

The Take-Away
  1. Jamberry Nail wraps are incredibly easy to apply—even for a partially blind, temporarily handicapped, and chronically uncoordinated old lady trying to do them all by herself.
  2. The right tools would help—a LOT! I'm going to get their Application Kit as soon as I get back home. I also might get that Mini Heater because it would just be easier.

If you want to see how normal people apply these things, watch a video here.

And if you want to get some Jamberry Nail Wraps for yourself, just come to my Online Party on Facebook.

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