Monday, August 05, 2013

The Serious Saga of a Nail Gone Horribly Wrong... Part 1

If you know me in person, you know how classy  stylish  trendy I am, especially when it comes to my fingernails.

And if you only know me online, well, there was this... which is a clue to my nail obsession.

When I was younger…

I had gorgeous nails—long and strong. 
Just ask my brother how strong they were!

And I took care of them myself.
I could manicure like a pro!

Okay, I admit, these photos aren't of MY nails.

For how vain  proud  pleased  grateful I am to have been blessed with pretty fingernails, I have surprisingly few photos of them. But you get the idea. I had seriously nice looking nails. Everyone was totally jealous.

And then I had babies…

Very, very pretty babies. 
This is my granddaughter but in this photo, she is channeling her mother.
And since I have no digitized images of my kids, it will do.

(Bundle of cuteness, right?)

Something about growing babies was not conducive with growing long, strong nails for me. I never had nice nails again.

I had this:
Again, not really my finger. But why in the world would you expect me to take a photo of MY nail when it looked like this!

For the past 20 some years, I've had acrylic nails. For medically necessary purposes only.

I'd take a breather every once in awhile to let my real nails air out, or when finances got tight. And sometimes I'd try other things besides acrylic, but pretty much, um,

this was me.
Yes, this one is really me. See those nails?

This is also me.
My real acrylic nails, with color.


Until now.

See, I'm getting old and my real nails are getting fragile. I recently had one of those not-awesome accidents that can happen when you let your acrylics get too long, and then bang them against something hard.

No jokes about the finger…

Ouch. I cried.

And not just because my finger hurt(s). I cried because I had to take all my acrylics off.

My fingers were naked. 

They were confused. 

They just weren't me!


As soon as I was done taking off the acrylics, I rushed over to my daughter's house and ordered some Jamberry Nails.

(She's been flashing her cute Jamberry's in my face for weeks. And yes, she loved them so much that she joined the company!)


I picked some neutrals. You know, for when I want to pretend I'm a grown-up.


I picked some others just for fun!

I seriously CAN. NOT. WAIT. until they get here.

Coming later this week: The Serious Saga of a Nail: Finding Redemption (Part 2), when I'll post some pics of MY real nails, wearing My real Jamberry's .

Oh, and if you're interested, I'm hosting an online Jamberry Nail party. Just click the link to check it out. (Party ends Monday, August 12th.)

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