Friday, September 06, 2013

How Great is His Beauty

I went on a walk this morning.

Not to lose weight (which, yeh, I need to do) and not for stress or generic health reasons (yeh, need to do that too), but simply because I wanted to take a stroll in the almost crisp end-of-summer morning air.

I didn't walk fast. I didn't decide ahead of time what my route would be. I just…strolled.

And I was overwhelmed by all the beauty in my own neighborhood.

Beauty that I rush past every day and never see.

There was even beauty by my own front porch that I'd never really noticed.

I found beauty in the struggle to create a new generation…

and in the search for freedom.

Even in death, there was an undescribable majesty.

For how great is his goodness,
and how great is his beauty!
(Zechariah 9:17)